We Appreciate You Even More Sue

.jpg photo of Mother arrested for Child Abuse
Katrina Flores-Kennedy, 27

Woman In Video That Went Viral Faces More Serious Child Abuse Charge

LOCHBUIE, CO  –  A Denver woman who allegedly abused her child in an incident that was captured on home video appeared in court on Friday.

Weld County officials announced the arrest of Katerina Kennedy-Flores, 27, early Thursday afternoon.  She was originally charged with two counts of child abuse, a Class 2 misdemeanor, however one of the charges was increased to child abuse causing injury, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Police arrested Kennedy-Flores in Denver on Wednesday, more than two weeks after the video was allegedly made in the Weld County town of Lochbuie, about 30 miles northeast of Denver.

The 16-minute-long video, which was shot by Kennedy-Flores’ roommate while she still lived in Lochbuie last month, spread across social media.  It shows a young boy screaming and crying while the alleged abuse took place. Kennedy-Flores is seen shouting obscenities at and acting aggressively towards the child.

Court documents indicate the boy was left with multiple bruises from his mother’s attacks.  The mother hits the child and throws things at him in the video.

Her bond was set at $3,000 and a protection order says she can’t have any contact with the boy or anyone under 18.

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  1. I honestly hate how people think that everyone should have kids because kids are supposed to be a serious commitment for raising our future, not a necessity or punishment. I also hate the idea that all women are better parents than men because they can be just as abusive. I hope that fat cow gets a very suitable punishment.

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    1. Roxie, Thank You so much for your input, we highly value it and you especially because you obviously care about the well being of Children!!!!
      Roxie, you can quit hating the idea that all women are better parents than men, because they are not, and just so you know, women abuse children at over a 10% higher rate than men.


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