Two More Arrested for Abuse of GA Child

.jpg photo of woman arrested for Child Abuse
Alice Herrington, 41

More arrests in Bacon County
Child Abuse case

August 26, 2016
BACON COUNTY, GA  –  The day after arresting the mother, Alma Police arrested two more people for the severe abuse of a 21-month-old girl.

Alma Police say 41-year-old Alice Herrington

of Alma is facing one count of party to a crime for failing to notify law enforcement.

A 16-year-old male is facing battery, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children charges.  He’s being held in the juvenile detention center in Waycross.

Police are also asking one of the mother’s charges of Battery to be upgraded to Aggravated Battery.

Read more about the original arrest of the mother, Sarah Staten, here.

Police say more charges could be filed once a thorough evaluation of Staten’s two other children is performed.

Georgia Mother Charged With Battery, Cruelty

.jpg photo of mother arrested for Child Abuse
Sarah Staten, 22

Pregnant mother arrested for critically
injuring infant daughter in Alma

August 25, 2016
ALMA, GA  –  Alma Police are investigating a case of child cruelty after a 21-month-old was taken to the hospital with severe bruising over her entire body.

The infant was taken to Bacon County Hospital, before being transported to Memorial in Savannah on August 24th.  Surgery was performed to remove one the infant’s organs.  She remains in critical condition.

The mother, 22-year-old Sarah Staten, who is 35 weeks pregnant, was taken into custody.

Staten has two other children, both under the age of 4, who were taken into protective custody by the Division of Family and Children Services.

Staten, who is not a Bacon County native, is charged with three counts of Battery and three counts of cruelty to children in the 1st degree.

Can You Say Forced Induction 700+HP War Horse

.jpg photo of Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra
This post is dedicated to my sons, 4 GOOD MEN

Report: Shelby GT500 to Get 700-Plus Horsepower

Rumors continue swirling about the upcoming Shelby GT500.

UPDATE: 2018 Shelby GT500 is coming, could crack 740+ HP w/ Direct-Injection Twin-Turbo EcoBoost 5.0

Today, a new rumbling indicates that this beast may be prepped to be a Hellcat killer with well over 700 horsepower.

The report hails from the folks over at and it’s enough to get Mustang fans worked into a frenzy.  The report indicates that Ford reps have claimed the GT500 will have “well over 700 horsepower” while “breathing through a straw.”  The latter statement is a possible hint at forced induction.  Additionally, the publication says that Ford is “working very hard” on direct injection for this new powerplant.

This leads to speculation of a 5.0-liter EcoBoost V-8 engine for the GT500 as the flat-plane-crank 5.2-liter V-8 in the GT350 would require too much reworking to prep it for forced induction.

What’s more, in a CNN interview with a Ford rep a while back, the company’s agent said, “our new SVT Halo Mustang will have more HP than the Hellcat.”   Translated into today’s world—one where SVT is no longer a thing—this would likely apply to the engine under the hood of the GT500 halo rig.

This means at least 708 horsepower—the Hellcat has 707 ponies, but I doubt Ford would be satisfied with just a one-horsepower advantage over Chrysler’s halo engine.

Adding fuel to this Ford versus Chrysler fire is another report that claims the GT500 was spotted doing quarter-mile runs and may have pulled off a 10.96-second run at 126 mph.  There is no mention whether this was on drag radials or stock tires, but if it was on the stock rubber, then it’s 0.25 seconds faster than the Challenger Hellcat.  If this is with drag radials, then the GT500 is in for a rude awakening as that’s 0.11 seconds slower than the Hellcat.

For now, this is purely a connection of the many faint dots that make up the Shelby GT500.  Only time will tell just how true these reports are.  Stay tuned for updates.


.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
Child Abuse reports are up

More Child Abuse cases reported as
school year begins

OMAHA, NE  –  Since the school year has started the number of child abuse cases coming into police has increased from the summer months.  Project Harmony Executive Director Gene Klein said that has a lot to do with teachers taking note and making sure something gets done to stop the abuse.

“Usually in the first month or two we see a significant spike in the reports of child abuse and neglect,” said Klein.

In Nebraska, about 8,000 calls come into the Child Abuse Hotline every year.

“Of those, about 50% of those calls are coming from schools and in particular teachers,” said Klein.

Project Harmony works to educate thousands of teachers every year how to spot the signs of abuse at home.

“Physical abuse is pretty obvious.  You see a mark or an injury,” said Klein.

But Klein said serious abuse, like sexual abuse, can be harder to spot.

“Children that are more withdrawn, isolating themselves maybe depressive,” he said.

In Nebraska, laws have existed for years that make every citizen a mandatory reporting party.  That means if you see even a sign of something, you’re legally inclined to say something.

“I’m glad you’re doing a story on this to help people like myself become aware and to say something when they notice something,” mom Amy Roselind told WOWT 6 News.

It’s not widely known by everyone, but Project Harmony says even if you don’t have all the facts, even if there’s a possibility you could be wrong, they ask you to make a report anyway.

If you see any signs of possible abuse, call the Nebraska Child Abuse hotline at 1-800-652-1999

For all of Our Readers in other states, call your local Law Enforcement, PLEASE, don’t ignore anything you see.

OK Teacher Arrested For Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Teacher arrested for Child Abuse
Tina O’Neal

Tecumseh teacher arrested, accused of
Child Abuse

TECUMSEH, OK  –  A Tecumseh teacher was arrested after accusations of child abuse at her home in Asher.

According to an affidavit, Pottawatomie County deputies were called Sunday to her home on reports that Tina O’Neal beat her child for not cleaning her room.

O’Neal is a fourth-grade teacher at Cross Timbers Elementary School and has been there for about two years without incident, according to school leaders.

The report said that when deputies arrived, they could hear yelling coming from the house.  Deputies said the teen ran out of the front door while O’Neal told her “get back into your room.”

Deputies reported seeing swelling on the teen’s face, a knot on her head and other marks on her back.

The teen told deputies that O’Neal would occasionally beat her when no one was home and had been doing so for several years.

When O’Neal’s husband was called to the home, he told deputies his wife is “high-strung and that he had talks with Tina about not disciplining the kids because she takes it too far and loses her temper.”

When deputies arrested O’Neal, the report said she yelled at the teen, warning her not to be home when she returned.

She declined the opportunity to write a statement with her version of what happened telling the deputies, “no, she should have cleaned her room.”

Tecumseh school officials said they are aware of the situation and are conducting an investigation.  They would not say if O’Neal will be allowed back into the classroom.

O’Neal’s bail is set at $5,000 her next court appearance is Sept. 2.