OK Teacher Arrested For Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Teacher arrested for Child Abuse
Tina O’Neal

Tecumseh teacher arrested, accused of
Child Abuse

TECUMSEH, OK  –  A Tecumseh teacher was arrested after accusations of child abuse at her home in Asher.

According to an affidavit, Pottawatomie County deputies were called Sunday to her home on reports that Tina O’Neal beat her child for not cleaning her room.

O’Neal is a fourth-grade teacher at Cross Timbers Elementary School and has been there for about two years without incident, according to school leaders.

The report said that when deputies arrived, they could hear yelling coming from the house.  Deputies said the teen ran out of the front door while O’Neal told her “get back into your room.”

Deputies reported seeing swelling on the teen’s face, a knot on her head and other marks on her back.

The teen told deputies that O’Neal would occasionally beat her when no one was home and had been doing so for several years.

When O’Neal’s husband was called to the home, he told deputies his wife is “high-strung and that he had talks with Tina about not disciplining the kids because she takes it too far and loses her temper.”

When deputies arrested O’Neal, the report said she yelled at the teen, warning her not to be home when she returned.

She declined the opportunity to write a statement with her version of what happened telling the deputies, “no, she should have cleaned her room.”

Tecumseh school officials said they are aware of the situation and are conducting an investigation.  They would not say if O’Neal will be allowed back into the classroom.

O’Neal’s bail is set at $5,000 her next court appearance is Sept. 2.