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Child Abuse reports are up

More Child Abuse cases reported as
school year begins

OMAHA, NE  –  Since the school year has started the number of child abuse cases coming into police has increased from the summer months.  Project Harmony Executive Director Gene Klein said that has a lot to do with teachers taking note and making sure something gets done to stop the abuse.

“Usually in the first month or two we see a significant spike in the reports of child abuse and neglect,” said Klein.

In Nebraska, about 8,000 calls come into the Child Abuse Hotline every year.

“Of those, about 50% of those calls are coming from schools and in particular teachers,” said Klein.

Project Harmony works to educate thousands of teachers every year how to spot the signs of abuse at home.

“Physical abuse is pretty obvious.  You see a mark or an injury,” said Klein.

But Klein said serious abuse, like sexual abuse, can be harder to spot.

“Children that are more withdrawn, isolating themselves maybe depressive,” he said.

In Nebraska, laws have existed for years that make every citizen a mandatory reporting party.  That means if you see even a sign of something, you’re legally inclined to say something.

“I’m glad you’re doing a story on this to help people like myself become aware and to say something when they notice something,” mom Amy Roselind told WOWT 6 News.

It’s not widely known by everyone, but Project Harmony says even if you don’t have all the facts, even if there’s a possibility you could be wrong, they ask you to make a report anyway.

If you see any signs of possible abuse, call the Nebraska Child Abuse hotline at 1-800-652-1999

For all of Our Readers in other states, call your local Law Enforcement, PLEASE, don’t ignore anything you see.