Tennessee Child Severely Beaten

.jpg photo of Child beaten to death
PJ Beeks

Toddler killed;  man charged with
Child Abuse

MEMPHIS, TN  –  A man was arrested Tuesday for child abuse against a 1-year-old boy, according to Memphis Police Department.

Officers received a call about an injured child at Lakes at Ridgeway, an apartment complex located on Waterstone Oak Way.  When they arrived, they found the young boy and sent him to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition.

Officers determined the child was severely beaten.  He did not survive.

Investigators identified Carl Braxton as a suspect in the child’s death.  He was arrested Wednesday.

Braxton is the boyfriend of 1-year-old PJ Beeks’ mother.

“He took an innocent life of a defenseless 1-year-old,” PJ’s aunt Jasmine Welch said.  “For nothing.”

Welch is trying to cope with the loss of her nephew.

“When we found out that the man who did it confessed, and how he confessed, and what he said happened […] was like astonishing,” she said.

Welch said Braxton killed PJ while his mother was asleep.

“He didn’t show no remorse,” Welch said.  “Like he didn’t care.  He didn’t care.  He said my nephew suffered.”

Braxton has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated child endangerment, and child neglect.

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