FL Man Charged With Child Abuse Of Toddler

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Well…. answer the question

Man charged with Child Abuse of young girl

Ocala, FL  –  A 25-year-old Ocala man was arrested Friday and charged with child abuse after several bruises were found on the body of a 23-month-old girl.

Some of the bruises were on the victim’s head, abdominal area, leg and behind the child’s ear, officials said.  Doctors told deputies that some of the injuries were caused by someone using their hand, according to sheriff’s officials.

Kyle Andrew Kennedy, who was babysitting the child, told deputies that he and the juvenile, whose name was not released, were playing on the bed.  He alleges when he dragged the toddler to him, they both rolled off the bed.  In another instance, he claimed he hit the child with a pillow, which caused her to fall off the couch and her face to hit the tile floor.

Kennedy said he called the child’s mother, who was at work, and she went home.  The child’s mother told a deputy her daughter did not have those injuries the night before.  The incident occurred at the woman’s residence, authorities said.

The victim was transported to Munroe Regional Medical Center, and is expected to recover from her injuries.

Detective Thomas Newbanks interviewed Kennedy who denied hitting the child.  Kennedy, who’s not the child’s father, was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.