NC Seeing Slightly Higher Child Abuse Numbers

.jpg photo of Child Abuse Advocacy Center
The Carousel Center in Wilmington works to help hundreds of child abuse victims per year.

Wilmington agency reports slightly higher numbers of Child Abuse in 2016

WILMINGTON, NC  –  The Carousel Center in Wilmington works to help hundreds of child abuse victims per year.  In 2016, Julie Ozier, interviewing and clinical services supervisor, said they saw 250 victims.

Ozier said that’s a slight increase from years past, but that it could be due to a higher number of reports.  She said that the center has increased communication among an inter-disciplinary team including social services advocates and local law enforcement.

“Due to the fact that our multi-disciplinary team is functioning very well together and so we’re making sure that kids are identified and seen for a medical evaluation and interview,” Ozier said.

Ozier said that if you’re concerned about a child or family, you should report it immediately.  She added that it doesn’t mean that the family gets in trouble, it could just mean help for those who need it.

“It gets someone out that can talk with the family and can do an assessment,” she said.  “And see if they need some help, are they under a lot of stress right now, are there some additional services that they need, is this a child that needs some help in being protected?”

If you suspect abuse is taking place, you’re asked to contact New Hanover County Department of Social Services, or law enforcement.

Baltimore Soccer Coach Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse

.jpg photo of Soccer Coach accused of Child Sex Abuse
Eris Murray, 55

MD Youth League Soccer Coach Charged
With Child Sex Abuse

BALTIMORE, MD  –  A man has been arrested and charged with sex offenses after he abused a youth soccer player while he was a coach with the Maryland City Mustangs, according to Anne Arundel County Police.

Eris Murray, 55, of Hanover, turned himself in to police on Dec. 22.

The investigation into Murray began in October, when a report was made to the Department of Social Services.

A juvenile victim reported they were sexually abused on two occasions approximately four to eight years ago.

Anne Arundel County Child Abuse Unit was made aware, and Child Abuse detectives conducted interviews and worked with the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office to obtain an arrest warrant.

After Murray surrendered himself, he was charged with two counts of Second Degree Sexual Offense, two counts of a Third Degree Sexual Offense, two counts of a Fourth Degree Sexual Offense, Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Second Degree Child Abuse, two counts of Second Degree Assault, and two counts of Sodomy.


.jpg photo of Child Predator
Louis VanWie is scheduled to be released 10 years short of his maximum sentence

Troy man who admitted to Sexual Abuse of over 100 kids could return to Capital Region after early release

ALBANY, NY  –  A child sex predator could soon be out of prison and return to the Capital Region.

Louis VanWie is scheduled to be released 10 years short of his maximum sentence.  The Troy man admitted to abusing more than 150 children over decades.

Two of his victims are trying to fight his release.

Some of his young victims never knew his name until his 1997 arrest.

His victims said VanWie got away with most of his horrible crimes. Now they fear he will harm other local children when he is released from prison – possibly at the end of December.

In 1996, Kayla Wittman was a sweet-faced ballerina.  She was a happy kid growing up in Lansingburgh.  But her bright smile would fade with the unwanted touches from a man she knew back then as a family friend.

“He would have me sit on his lap, and he would force me to sit there if I tried to get up,” she recalled.  “You know, he would touch me.”

Wittman said the abuse was revealed after the night VanWie entered her bedroom.  She and a friend were making a home video. She said VanWie made some comments, which were picked up by the camera.

“And then I just made my parents aware,” she said.  “They listened to the videotape, and they just thought that things were a little weird. And then I confessed to them everything that he had done to me.”

Troy police investigated and discovered two more victims.  The local handyman was arrested on Sodomy and Sexual Abuse charges.

But then came a chilling revelation.  VanWie admitted to abusing over 100 boys and girls going back decades.  A search of his home revealed a large collection of children’s underwear and photos of young kids in bathing suits.

Then police received calls from more than 100 other possible victims.

“He is the worst of the worst,” Gary Greenberg said.  “Over 40 years, he abused hundreds and hundreds of kids.”

Today, Greenberg is a successful casino investor, but back in 1966, he was a 7-year-old boy living in Cohoes.  He said VanWie sexually assaulted him during a visit to the hospital when VanWie was working as an orderly.

“You know, he wanted to touch me in my private parts, and you know, I fought him,” Greenberg said.  “I kicked him.”

Greenberg said he fought his way to a set of service elevators.

“That’s where the elevator shaft was,” he explained.  “So he picked me up by my ankles, hung me head first down the elevator shaft, and said, ‘If you don’t do what I want you to do, I’m going to let go.’”

Greenberg said his abuser’s identify remained a mystery for 30 years.  But that all changed in 1997 when he recognized VanWie in news reports of his arrest.

Greenberg said he and VanWie’s other victims were denied justice due to New York State’s statute of limitations on sex abuse cases, something he’s trying to change by spearheading the Child Victims Act, which would eliminate any time limit.

“He’s a poster case for why we need to change the laws in his state,” he said.

But now, there’s a much more urgent concern.

The man who admitted to victimizing several children is about to be set free.  The shocking news was delivered in a letter to Wittman’s parents.

The Department of Corrections told NEWS10 ABC the now-74-year-old convicted child predator is eligible for conditional release after serving two-thirds of his 30-year prison term.

“It’s terrifying to know that I can go to the grocery store and bump into this man who scarred me for life,” Wittman said.

Wittman is afraid other children could be hurt by VanWie when he is released.

“I mean, a lot of people are saying he will be closely watched, but obviously, he doesn’t follow the rules or the laws,” she said.  “So I don’t think this is going to stop him.”

VanWie has a tentative release date of December 29, 2016.  But the DOC said he has been unable to secure adequate housing, so his release date may change.

NEWS10 was told he still has family in the area and may return to Troy.

Wittman and Greenberg are now asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to keep VanWie behind bars or place him in civil confinement. NEWS10 reached out to the governor’s office.  They said those requests will not happen.

Parole denied VanWie five times, but he has served two-thirds of his indeterminate sentence, so by law, he is eligible for release.

NC Women Charged With Drugs, Child Abuse

.jpg photo of woman charged with Child Abuse
Sara Marguerite Bollo was arrested Thursday and charged with drug possession and child abuse.

Charges for drugs, Child Abuse send women to jail

Asheville, NC  –  Two separate incidents involving drugs and child abuse landed Asheville women in jail as the Christmas holiday approached.

Sara Marguerite Bollo, 33, of Fletcher was arrested Thursday and charged with three felonies:  possession of methamphetamine, possession of drugs at a jail and possession of cocaine, according to arrest warrants.

Buncombe County Detention Facility records show she was also charged with misdemeanors child abuse, driving while impaired, reckless driving and resisting public officers.  Bond is set at $81,000.

Bollo was carrying 4.9 grams of methamphetamine and 12.9 grams of cocaine at the time of her arrest, the warrants state.

Ashley Norman, 25, of Indian Knob Road was arrested Thursday and charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of hit and run, reckless driving and driving without a license, according to arrest warrants.

Norman assaulted an 11-year-old child by ramming the vehicle in which the child was riding, with her vehicle, according to arrest warrants.

Bond is set at $10,000


.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
“When your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”


Dallas, TX  –  Dallas Morning News laid another giant goose egg in my book with their Thursday, December 22, 2016 baseless attack on Our fine Governor Abbott, with the article “Child abuse deaths rose and CPS crisis worsened despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s pressure to reform ‘broken’ system“.

“When your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”

After not only climbing on President Obama’s “Global Warming” bandwagon, they began leaning more and more toward this administration’s AntiChild Agenda.  In championing the GENDER DYSPHORIA cause, DMN sided with the AntiChild Agenda, knowing that there is no way a Child can retain any innocence being around this perverse thing, which is as wrong as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and pornography to a Child

This TEAM OF BLIND LEMMING LIBERALS has won Our Prestigious (Praestigiosis) Weekly Award in its NEW FORM, Our Praestigiosis Yearly Award.  I’ll save you the trouble, the word is Latin, meaning “full of tricks” or “deceitful.”  DMN has let their depraved agenda turn into a personal vendetta against Our Fine Governor of Texas, and Our Fine Attorney General of Texas.

DMN cited tainted CPS statistics.  But more important, Texas Governor Abbott and all the newly appointed staff of the revamped Texas CPS is playing against a stacked deck.  Our Washington Lawmakers can’t handle this rogue, corrupt Department, who, for the most part, BELONG BEHIND BARS.  But just to enforce the crow that DMN will have for break time with their new award, here is just a taste of TEXAS PROOF.

CPS Still Pimping Children To Sex Traffickers

Lawmakers Fault HHS With Migrant Child Sexual Abuse

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., stopped his line of questioning and left the hearing after saying that the witnesses were “the definition of non-cooperative.”

At a hearing reviewing the program, officials from the department angered Democratic and Republican senators, who dismissed their answers as incomplete or complained that they failed to take full responsibility for the children who were abused or exploited.

The report also notes that HHS did not spend all of the money it had left in the program even though it says it was overwhelmed and lacked sufficient funding to provide services.  In a letter to lawmakers in December, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said a contingency fund is necessary to ensure children are not left at the border.

“When your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”


Children’s Advocacy Institute