TN Man On Trial For Shaking Baby

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Never discipline a Child when you are angry, and NEVER shake a Child!

More doctors testify in Child Abuse trial

Washington County, TN  –  More doctors testified Thursday at the trial of a Washington County, Tennessee man accused of shaking his baby so hard it caused serious injuries.

Day two started with Dr. Melinda Lucas, one of the doctors who first analyzed 7-month-old Jaden Whitaker, taking the stand for cross-examination by the defense.

The defense tried to create doubt, but after looking at test results, and since Jaden had no prior health issues, the doctor ruled out the theory of a bleeding disorder or stroke, staying with her original conclusion.

“In your professional opinion you said this was a shaking injury,” defense attorney David Robbins asked.  “Acceleration-deceleration, shaking, yes,” Lucas, a pediatric intensive care physician at Niswonger Children’s Hospital at Johnson City Medical Center, testified.

Dr. Lucas was one of four doctors who testified for the prosecution.

Next to the stand was Dr. Anna Kosentka, a child neurologist from Knoxville.

She told the jury her initial examination showed severe internal brain bleeding and retinal hemorrhage, something very unlikely for an infant to experience.

“Most of the time this is a non-accidental trauma,” Dr. Kosentka said. “Sometimes we see this same form of injuries when a child is in a car accident.”

During testimony, doctors came up with similar conclusions, and said one explanation fits.

“Something happened to this child in the form of shaking, acceleration-deceleration force, effecting his brain, causing this bleeding,” Dr. Kosentka said.

Whitaker’s wife is expected to testify Friday.  The defense is still deciding if Whitaker will take the stand.

He’s charged with aggravated child abuse, a crime that carries anywhere from 15-25 years in prison. 

2 thoughts on “TN Man On Trial For Shaking Baby”

  1. Awwwe. Poor kid may jahovah bless the child and cure him, if he has not done so already, this hits home closer then you realize.
    The memory will store this trauma for life. I know that.
    And just as you think that memory isn’t started until ages of 2 or 3, I know that isn’t true also. Baby’s know their mothers and their dads voices at birth. People think babies don’t know what you are saying, but the reality is they just cant talk and don’t know the meaning of the words but they can hear your words exactly as you say them and that is what they are trying to say when they blabber.
    So this child will always know if his dad has been abusive or not to him.
    When he can talk if asked if daddy ever was mean and shook him to hurt him or make him be quite, the first answer will be of recent memory ask him if he’s really sure even when he was a baby then he will think until this memory is found. Then answer on it.

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    1. Keith, I do like the way you think. Yes, my Friend and Brother, by the time they are born, they have listened to our voices, and in this way, they learn love, because love can not be taught.
      But this same thing is why the animals are turning on so many people, because of the meanness and evil in so many peoples hearts.


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