NM Child Death Arrest

.jpg photo of mother accused of killing her son
Miranda Rabago, 27

Santa Fe Child Abuse case makes headlines

Santa Fe, NM  –  A local story is getting international attention, but not for the right reasons.  A Santa Fe mother is accused of child abuse resulting in her toddler’s death.

Police say 27-year-old Miranda Rabago took her son, Ares Baroz, to the hospital in November after she reportedly found him unconscious in his crib.  The 18-month-old died after suffering fractures to his skull, legs and shoulder area, as well as bleeding in the brain.

New details are emerging about what was found in Rabago’s apartment.  According to the Daily Mail, police found photos on Rabago’s cell phone showing the toddler with the word’s “thug life” written in black sharpie across his stomach.  She also allegedly wrote “loco” on the child’s forehead.

Police say they also found a sippy cup with rotten milk in his crib, blood on a pillow and marijuana pipes.

2 thoughts on “NM Child Death Arrest”

  1. Ummmmmmmm_______________? Aahhmmmm.._______.
    So very sad only thing to remember is. The toddlers are innocent and loved by jahovah, so much that he’s said ” WOE unto the ones that harm the children”

    But also is just as sad that she turned to the devils lollipop for some reason.

    There’s a song by country singer Stonewall Jackson from the 1960s it’s not being listened to for she is 1 of the ones he was trying to stop. The song is about drugs and how they get you hooked, and what happens to you with a warning that you should keep off the grass. That’s what got the character in the story in trouble, and in the end we find out it was the singer that is the character in the story.

    Great truthful song “Keep off the Grass”

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    1. My Friend, the only devil tthat made anyone do something like this is the one inside a human with no morals.
      Let’s remember the words of Our GOD, “Nothing in itself is a sin”.
      Our LORD talks about “GOOD MEN(or people}.
      Nothing MAKES anyone do anything, except the evil within themselves. When one becomes an adult, they take responsibility for their own actions.
      All Our GOD’S people are his sheep, it is our job as the stronger of his sheep to protect the weaker sheep, if we turn our eyes away and their life is lost, their blood will be on our hands.
      I appreciate your compassion and the Stone Wall Jackson song brings back good memories.


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