Two KS School Admin Ignored Child Sex Abuse

.jpg photo of school where child sex abuse was ignored
Principal and the former Superintendent are accused of not reporting other potential sex crimes by former teacher Keaten Krell.

Two Kansas school administrators charged
with failing to report suspected Child Abuse

LA CYGNE, KS  –  Two Kansas school administrators have been accused of failing to report suspected child abuse.

Tuesday’s charges involve allegations about a former teacher at Prairie View High School in La Cygne, Kansas.  That teacher is accused of having sex with a student.  And authorities said there are indications that administrators did not report earlier suspicions.

Tim Weis is the Principal at Prairie View.  Chris Kleidotsy was the Superintendent of Schools in Linn County last year – now he’s the Superintendent in Tonganoxie.

The charges revolve around behavior at the high school by former teacher Keaten Krell.

Krell taught Sophomore English at the school for five years.  He was arrested last May and charged with engaging in sexual behavior with at least one of his students.

Now that principal and the former superintendent are accused of not reporting other potential sex crimes by the teacher before the incidents for which he’s now charged.

The law says school administrators are mandatory reporters.

In this town of 2,000 – the allegations are another bombshell compounding what already happened when Krell was charged.

“All the ones involved should be arrested,” said parent Christy Mohr. “We entrust them with our kids, and kids have been telling, and ain’t nothing been done.”

Bot administrators were taken into custody.  They are not allowed to be near anyone under the age of 18, or near any accredited Kansas school while these charges are pending.