VA Father And Child Shot With Same Bullet

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Maurice Anthony Jones, 30, was arrested after failing to seek medical attention for his 6-year-old Daughter after a gun discharged, hitting both he and the Child.

Police: Newport News man charged with
Child Abuse/Neglect after 6-year-old shot

Newport News, VA  –  A 30-year-old Newport News man was arrested Sunday after he was accused of treating his 6-year-old daughter’s gunshot wound with a first aid kit himself, police said.

Officers responded just before 8:30 p.m. Sunday to a residence in the 700 block of Waterfront Circle for a request to check on the welfare of a child, according to Master Police Officer Brandon Maynard.

There, police met with the child’s father, identified as 30-year-old Maurice Anthony Jones.  While speaking with him, a woman entered the residence and appeared to be very upset, Maynard said.

The woman told officers a child had been shot inside the residence the afternoon of Feb. 26.

Jones told police his daughters were running around the house after they got home from school, and the 6-year-old accidentally knocked a handgun off the bed.  The impact with the floor caused the gun to discharge a round, which struck Jones in the leg and then hit his daughter in her right leg, Maynard said.

Jones did not call 911 or take his daughter to the hospital, but treated his daughter’s wound with a first aid kit, Maynard said.

Police checked the girl’s leg and found a healing wound consistent with a gunshot wound.  Jones also appeared to have a scar on his leg consistent with a gunshot wound, according to Maynard.

Officers seized the firearm from the residence and also located a marijuana grinder, plastic baggies and cigarillos on a table in the living room, according to Maynard.  Jones said he had marijuana on him.

Child Protective Services was notified.  The child was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment to the gunshot wound, according to Maynard.

Jones was arrested and charged with PWID marijuana, reckless handling of a firearm and child abuse/neglect causing serious injury.