You Are Your Child’s Best Resource

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The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®

When it comes to keeping your child safe,
YOU are their best resource.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® knows children face risks every day.  That is why NCMEC provides resources to children, teachers, child care providers, parents and others to help keep children safer.  Please take a look at the resources below to learn more about how to keep your children safer.


KidSmartz is NCMEC’s abduction prevention program that educates families about the 4 Rules of Safety and empowers kids in grades K-5 to make safer and smarter decisions.

NetSmartz® Workshop

Learn more about the Internet safety resources offered by the NetSmartz Workshop.  These interactive educational resources help prepare children to be safer online.

Safety Central

Safety Central is NCMEC’s child safety app, which includes a digital child ID and the latest news and safety tips from NCMEC.  The app even reminds you when it’s time to take a new photo of your child, which is one of the most important tools you would need if your child was missing.

If your child is missing

Learn what to do if your child is missing.  NCMEC recommends you immediately call your local law enforcement agency and then call NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678).

Victim and family support

Learn more about the support services NCMEC provides to victims and families coping with the traumatic experiences of abduction and sexual exploitation.

It is because of you that we are able to do so much on behalf of the children who need us most.  Thank you for supporting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®.  Together we are making a difference.


Callahan Walsh
Child Advocate


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®

Numbers Will Appear To Rise As CPS Sheds Corruption

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James Koppel, Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Child Abuse reports soar across Minnesota, straining child protection system

State reports 25 percent rise, marking 2nd straight year of sharp increases.

A dramatic surge in child maltreatment reports is putting new strains on Minnesota’s child protection system, as local agencies struggle with soaring caseloads and stagnant funding, according to state and county officials.

Maltreatment reports to county and tribal governments rose 25 percent last year, with 39,531 children suspected of being abused and neglected, according to state data released Tuesday.  This marks the second straight year of sharp increases since outrage over the death of 4-year-old Eric Dean at the hands of his abusive stepmother sparked far-reaching reforms of the child protection system.

State and county officials attribute the surge to greater publicity surrounding child abuse among mandated reporters — people who are required under state law to report maltreatment — as well as an increase in neglect fueled by the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

All told, 26 Minnesota children died from maltreatment last year, the highest level in five years.  Seven of the children were known to child protection workers before their deaths, state officials said.

“This reflects that we have a lot of families across this state that are under stress,” said James Koppel, assistant commissioner for children and family services at the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  “We have to deal with this problem head-on.”

But across much of the state, local funding for child protection has not kept pace with the rise in abuse and neglect reports, resulting in virtually unmanageable caseloads for many social workers.  In some Minnesota counties, the average caseload has reached nearly 30 cases per child-protection worker — three times the standard set by Gov. Mark Dayton’s 2015 task force on child protection.

One consequence, say county administrators, is higher turnover of child protection workers, who are feeling emotionally drained.

“We have never experienced anything quite like this,” said Paul Fleissner, director of community services at Olmsted County, which includes Rochester.  “The intensity and scrutiny involved with this work can be overwhelming … and we haven’t seen this level of [staff] turnover in a very long time.”

The combination of rising child deaths and climbing caseloads has prompted state and county agencies to put a greater emphasis on abuse prevention.  The Department of Human Services is pushing a package of initiatives in the 2017 Legislature aimed at improving stability for children from troubled homes.  It includes increased state benefits for children under age 6 who are adopted out of foster care, and a proposal to expand the state’s capacity to monitor local child protection agencies.

Together the proposals would cost about $20 million in the coming biennium, but are not included in the spending bills making their way through the Republican-controlled Legislature.  “The system we have is not preventing. It’s responding,” Koppel said.  “We absolutely have to put more of an emphasis on prevention.”

In Hennepin County, where reports of child abuse and neglect have nearly doubled since 2009, administrators are not waiting for state help.  Last year, the county embarked on an ambitious $13 million overhaul of the county child protection system.  As part of the effort, the county is hiring 108 child protection staff and investing millions of dollars in mental health and child care assistance programs aimed at preventing abuse.

Even with these investments, the county is struggling with high staff turnover and excessive caseloads for child-protection workers, said deputy Hennepin County administrator Jennifer DeCubellis, who oversees child protection.  “Incrementally, the system is in crisis,” she said.  “But we can’t regulate our way out of this.  We need to shrink the size of child protection by investing in children and communities.”

Children Subjected To Torture

.jpg photo of man that tortured Children
Joseph Myhre, 44

Montco Man Accused Of Child Abuse
Involving Pliers, Needles, Dog Shock Collar Facing Charges

LOWER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP, PA  –  A Montgomery County man is facing a long list of charges on allegations he beat and abused his children for years.

According to charging documents, 44-year-old Joseph Myhre, of Greensway Circle in Lower Providence Township, home schooled his two children.

In the documents, police said his 11-year-old daughter told them going back to when she was 4-or-5 years old, her father would hit her on the head with sticks or PVC pipes.  He would strangle her and beat her head on the ground until she entered into a “dream state.”

The girl said her father would squeeze her fingers with pliers, stick needles in her fingers and toes, and use a dog shock collar that she said would leave burn marks.

The 13-year-old son told investigators that Myhre would kick him the stomach, or hit him on his feet with a stick that would cause him to bleed.  According to the documents, the boy also told police Myhre would put the dog shock collar on the back of his leg or on his stomach, then walk around the room acting normal while the boy was being shocked and yelling in pain.

According to charging documents, the children had wooden boxes for beds with a small opening and vents to let in air.

Investigators said an audio recording was found on a phone.  The recording lasts 53 minutes.  In it, the affidavit says a male voice can be heard calmly talking while children are screaming in pain.  The male voice is quoted saying things like, “He doesn’t care, he didn’t give me a hug for 10 minutes,” and “You can blame your mom for this.”

The affidavit also says there were white boards in the living room of the home with messages described as “threatening and manipulative in nature.”

The child abuse allegations came to light after Myhre’s wife was hospitalized with a broken skull.  While investigating that case, police interviewed the children.

Investigators say when Myhre was questioned by police, he gave a written statement saying he grabbed his children by the neck and arms, and hit the children with sticks.  The documents say he told police the children never cried or told him they were in pain.

According to the affidavit, Myhre said he put vice grips on his daughter’s fingers but only “playing around” to feel what it felt like to grip our fingers.

In addition to previous charges based on the allegations from his wife, Myhre is now facing twelve-counts of aggravated assault of a child less than 13, four-counts of unlawful restraint of a child, two counts of endangering welfare of children, and numerous misdemeanors.

He’s in the county prison on 1-million dollars bail.

The Sleeper

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It is a Father’s duty to teach and protect his Children.

They Called Down The Thunder:
A Father’s Right

No Way!… I hesitated just to needle him, as I had my whole life, stretching the moment, for I knew what I would see when I looked at Frank.

As I lifted my eyes, Orson Wells’ Time Machine started that clock-ticking whirling sound, and when I looked at him, there was the slight smile playing on the corners of the little boy’s eyes and whole face I knew so well.

When our eyes met, the smile covered his whole face.  He wanted it to be a true story, he needed it to be a true story, but how could this be possible, he had never heard it, and his big brother told him everything.

You went to the field house and not the office!  What did they do?
I finally quit agitating him and told him the whole story….

Many years ago, I was told the high school coaches were putting “the sleeper” on the players, and needless to say, I got very upset.  I called a good friend of mine and told him what was being done to our sons.

The next day we went to school, but not to the office, we went to the field house.

Things took a turn for the worst within minutes…. for them.

The first coach made the mistake of addressing us from a distance, and suddenly every boy knew why we were there.  The midget snapped at the boys, and continued impressing the boys with his one-handed curls, while approaching us with his big midget flexing bicep.  “You aren’t allowed in here, you’ll need to go to the office”.

“The office didn’t put these boys in the sleeper”.

It got worst by the minute…. for them.  The second coach stopped impressing the boys, and got up from the weight bench.  As he approached, he stretched and flexed his muscles.  He impressed the boys with his deep voice, “What’s the problem?”

“Some of you men put your hands on these boys, but putting these boys in the sleeper is wrong AND dangerous”.

Before we left, we had invited all the coaches outside, to put us in the sleeper, AND made it very clear that this sort of thing would never happen again or we would be back.

The Obama Administration, The Supreme Court, Our Law Makers, Penn State, the Jerry Sanduskys, and Dennis Hasterts of Our Country, are pushing their #AntiChild Agenda and #AntiFamily Agenda.

The following stories of school hazing involving sodomy should be all the evidence you need, as Good Parents.  I am adding one more story of a same-sex couple who killed a Child.  Domestic Violence is rapidly rising due to the perverse lifestyles allowed in public by Americans.

La Vernia tries to cope in wake of sexual assault arrests

LA VERNIA, TX – Last Thursday, Phillip Higginbotham was about to set out for a spiritual retreat in Burnet when he saw an article about the arrest of several La Vernia High School students.  As a youth pastor at La Vernia United Methodist Church, he works closely with the school’s students, many of whom gather at his weekly youth services.

Higginbotham hoped none of his students were involved, but did not think much else of it.  The weekend, after all, was supposed to be about disconnecting from the outside world.  The next few days, he didn’t have access to the Internet, his phone or even a watch.  But by the time he returned on Sunday, the town was in the throes of a full-blown crisis.

Seven student athletes, all of them minors, had been taken into custody on charges of sexual assault, as part of a police investigation into allegations of hazing among the school’s football, basketball and baseball teams.  Over the next few days, three more adult students would be arrested for allegedly sodomizing a 16-year-old teammate with the threaded end of a carbon dioxide tank before a football team dinner, as part of an “initiation” to the varsity team, arrest records show.

Hazing: An Outside The Lines Investigation

Hazing in America

Last year, Vermont passed “Jordan’s Law,” which requires school officials to report all hazing incidents to the Department for Children and Families within 24 hours.  Before, districts had been allowed to conduct their own investigations first.  Across the country, though, six states still have no hazing laws, seven have laws that don’t extend to the high school level, 13 exclude “athletic events” from hazing laws, and only one state, Nebraska, actually mentions “sexual penetration” in its hazing law. Below, a state-by-state breakdown of laws, as well as a listing of all the reports found by OTL of sodomy hazing in high schools since 2011.

What has to change?  Lipkins says there needs to be greater awareness and accountability, so that victims feel more comfortable coming forward and going to the courts.  “If we can’t break the code of silence, we’re not going to change things.”


Mother, girlfriend charged in deadly Child Abuse case