Barbaric? But A Word Of Caution

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ALL Child Abuse is barbaric, and wrong, so why does it still ruin so many Children’s lives?

Mother Accused Of Child Abuse After Baby Ear Piercing Video Goes Viral

I want to pass along a word of caution.  My 2nd GrandSon’s name is 2 Hearts.  The first X-Ray showed nothing out of the ordinary, the second showed the same dark shape as the first, which the Doctor said was his heart and right near the top of the X-Ray was the shiny shape of a heart.  After surgery, it was the small gold heart earring my Daughter-in-Law had lost.
Robert StrongBow

A controversial video of a baby’s ears being pierced has sparked a fierce debate online with some even regarding it as ‘child abuse.’

The short clip, which is believed to have been filmed in the US, surfaced on the Piercings Facebook page earlier this month and has caused outrage with more than 3.6 million views and 12,000 comments.

In the video, a young baby is being held by her mother as the salon worker attempts to place marker dots on her ears.

While she seems at ease at first, the child appears to become increasingly distressed as the procedure takes place.

After two workers puncture the baby’s lobes at the same time using a piercing gun, the startled youngster cries out while the mother and staff do their best to comfort her.

Concerned by the footage, the vast majority of comments range from disbelief to hatred, with many calling it ‘child abuse.’

“Barbaric!  Why would anyone do this to a baby?”  one Facebook user wrote.

Another added, “All done for the sake of the parents, should be an age limit to stop this from happening.”

WOW….  3.6 Million views and 12,000 comments.  You know, I wonder why Children still aren’t safe after 7,000 years, and I wonder how anyone can think the murder of an unborn Child should be legal.
Robert StrongBow

5 thoughts on “Barbaric? But A Word Of Caution”

  1. I think it is a matter of drawing a line in the sand – piercing anything on a child unnecessarily is wrong (other than surgery). Will people be tattooing their babies soon? I think when you make a choice for someone that includes permanently changing their representation to the world, then you have taken away the choice from someone who will one day be able to make that choice themselves. We already have the responsibility of guiding them and shaping them but it’s not our choice to modify “any body” unless they are able to make that decision for themselves. This is just my opinion. I believe in discipline but I would never force anything on a child. Doing this is like a punishment to a kid besides being terrorized by the person who should love her the most and keep her safe from harm….and not putting her in harms’ way.

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    1. Kait, I had never thought about this until that happened to my 2nd GrandSon many years ago.
      They had to do surgery on him, and cut scar tissue out of his throat. That said it all for me.
      Thank You for coming by Kait< I got to talk to you a little on my Birthday.
      I'm unsure if you have noticed on Google, but Frank, my Little Brother came down with pancreatitus, and things do not appear too rosey.
      I hope everything is going well and the book is doing well.


      1. Thank you Robert, oh I’m so sorry to hear about your brother! I have been so busy trying to catch up with all of the media platforms! And writing is a constant 😊 I hope you are well and happy, my thoughts are with you and your family. Sending strength and courage. Take care Robert, happy belated birthday and lovely to hear from you ☺

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      2. Kait you are very welcome, and Thank You!!!!
        I neglected to tell you that we have been honored again, and you are a big part of the reason we have been included with some really BIG names…. check our “Army Of Hope” post.
        Thank You for all you do Kait, and all you have done. But don’t forget, you can run but you can not hide…. because you are a member of Our Circle ALWAYS.


      3. Oh Robert the thanks and gratitude are for you and your team. You are dedicated, passionate and best of all, making a difference! I am so grateful to be considered a part of that Circle 😊 and humbled. You deserve all recognition and praise for working to help Our children. Peace, love n light my friend ☺

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