Would Be Terrorist Took Rocks, Knife To Gun Fight

.jpg photo of terrorist attempting to attack a Law Enforcement Officer
After trying to dupe Our Law Enforcement Officer, the idiot finds out this Hero is not playing, then lays there screaming like a girl.

Arizona Cop Takes Down Knife-Wielding

The media is quick to pounce on narratives that serve their agenda, but when it comes to actual news stories about the dangers of real hate and terrorism in America they are often silent.

This is the case with the following report, which apparently was so damaging to the mainstream agenda that not only did they refuse to cover it, but Maricopa refused to release the video until they were sued.

In the video, an individual is confronted by a Maricopa County, Arizona officer.  The individual, as seen below, first indicates to the officer that he wants to “talk about” political issues.

All seems well for about 20 seconds, when the man seems to completely lose his marbles when asked to produce identification.  He first begins throwing rocks at the officer, then pulls a knife, at which point things take a turn for the worse for this peaceful protester:


How many heard about this? County had to be sued to release the info.

Ismail Ahmed stated he wanted to do something in protest on behalf of the people in Palestine & Middle East pic.twitter.com/fHy2x3qapn

— Cindyseestruth (@cs00582scs) February 17, 2019

Why it was so difficult for Maricopa County to release this video remains a mystery.

2 thoughts on “Would Be Terrorist Took Rocks, Knife To Gun Fight”

  1. Aagghh I seen worse in horror movies.
    Why you made it sound lie his head exploded and came back together then melted like wax.
    Gee this wasn’t anything more then what they show on NCIS LA. And that’s nothing much, I’m left wondering why the cop backed up? I’d stood there and shot him when he moved after I said stop.
    To hesitate is to die.

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    1. Keith, I sure appreciate your input on this thing!!!!
      Yes, I have to agree that this young Officer put his own life in harms way by waiting so long. But I believe you and I both know that this fake racism bs is just the liberals trying to push us that much closer to anarchy so they can attempt to confiscate the guns. But I got news for any of these idiots, anarchy won’t ever live here, NOT IN TEXAS.
      Thank You Keith,


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