TX AG CEU Stops Hemphill Purveyor Of Child Porn

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AG Paxton’s Child Exploitation Unit Arrests Sabine County Man for Promotion of
Child Pornography

AUSTIN, TX  –  Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that the Child Exploitation Unit (CEU) of his office arrested 60-year-old John Max Walter, of Hemphill, Texas, on one count of promotion of child pornography, a second-degree felony.

A tip from a social media networking site to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children® (NCMEC) led CEU investigators to Walter, a former volunteer firefighter for the city of Hemphill.

During an interview, Walter admitted he uploaded an image of child pornography to his social media account and sent it to another user.  A search of his home turned up digital devices that were taken for examination by the Digital Forensics Unit of the attorney general’s office.

Attorney General Paxton’s office works to protect children by using the latest technology to track down some of the most profoundly evil predators online.

The CEU proactively seeks out and arrests predators who commit crimes against children using technology and online sources.

Attorney General Paxton urges all parents and teachers to become aware of the risks our children face on the internet and take steps to help ensure their children’s safety.

If you suspect someone is producing or downloading child pornography you can report it to NCMEC.

For more information on cyber safety, please visit:

2 thoughts on “TX AG CEU Stops Hemphill Purveyor Of Child Porn”

  1. Someone wasn’t doing right and got caught.
    Ummm I have to wonder does this prove that firefighters brains get fried like that egg in the iron skillet in the anti drug commercial.
    From being too close to the heat for too long. ?
    Maybe but more than likely he was a predator that didn’t realize that computer has eyes everywhere.
    But at least he is caught now if he can get the help he needs maybe get him to see the Christian preacher to have bible study and learn about his wrongful ways, he might Change?
    Ahhh but then the wrong comes from me and it says take the creep “out in the swamp tie him up to a stump let the bugs and the gators take care of him.” To copy the CDB song, but thats wrong humanly satisfying but morally wrong. We have to forgive him help him learn his errors and learn the Christian way to do things, Because That is our Lord Jesus’s will and his will be done on earth as in heaven

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    1. Keith, actually I don’t believe that is exactly correct in all cases. We are supposed to protect the weaker members of the flock.
      OK Keith, now stay with me here for just a few minutes…. so all Christians are supposed to be panty waists and turn the other cheek, and sure don’t carry no weapons right????
      Then who carried the swords? When they grabbed up Our Lord Jesus, who whipped out his sword and cut one of the dudes ear off? It was Simon Peter I believe.
      Keith, its time I finished that email about uncles…


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