NH Calls TX AG CEU To Roundup Online Child Predator

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AG Paxton’s Child Exploitation Unit Arrests
Beeville Pizza Delivery Man for Online
Solicitation of a Minor

AUSTIN, TX  –  Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that the Child Exploitation Unit (CEU) of his office arrested 24-year-old Juan Salazar, of Beeville, Texas, for online solicitation of a minor, a second-degree felony.

.jpg photo of Texas online predator arrested by TX Attorney General CEU
Juan Salazar, 24, of Beeville, Texas

The case was referred to Attorney General Paxton’s office by authorities in New Hampshire, who had information that Salazar solicited nude photos from a 12-year-old girl living there.

CEU investigators obtained a search warrant for Salazar’s home in Beeville for Online Solicitation of a Minor and Possession of Child Pornography.

Investigators confiscated numerous digital storage devices for examination by the Digital Forensics Unit of the attorney general’s office.  During an interview, Salazar, who works as a local pizza delivery driver, admitted communicating in a sexual manner with several child victims.

Following his arrest, Salazar was taken to the Bee County Jail without incident.  He is scheduled to appear before a magistrate today.

Attorney General Paxton’s office works to protect children by using the latest technology to track down some of the most profoundly evil predators online.

The CEU proactively seeks out and arrests predators who commit crimes against children using technology and online sources.

Attorney General Paxton urges all parents and teachers to become aware of the risks our children face on the internet and take steps to help ensure their children’s safety.

If you suspect someone is producing or downloading child pornography you can report it to NCMEC.

For more information on cyber safety, please visit:

2 thoughts on “NH Calls TX AG CEU To Roundup Online Child Predator”

  1. This kind of predator has to be stopped.
    Some would say stone him.
    Some would say throw him in jail.
    Even others will say reteach him in mental health groups.
    Which seem to work even though not a one size fits all answer to this problem.
    The only thing we can do to stop this is the following
    1. Use any and all of the above to stop the adults.
    2. Start teaching the bible in school again at every grade level all at once.
    3. Take your kids to church with good Christian values.
    4. Put Jesus back in the most important position of your members of your family and follow his word by using his wireless network of prayer to ask him to help and to thank him for his grace to you and your family.

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    1. Keith, whoa-whoa Roving CowBoy….
      My Friend, these things didn’t just start, and they didn’t start 10, 20, 30, nor 300 years ago.
      Keith, refer to Genesis 19:1 The 2 Angels came in the gate to Sodom, and just keep reading until you get where the 2 Angels went to Lot’s house and he cooked for them and they eat, and just as they were about to lay down, a whole bunch of men, old and young came and circled the house, then said where’s your friends that showed up? Send them on out here so we may know them.
      Now Roving CowBoy, do you understand what these men of all ages are wanting? Evidently this is a bunch of HOMOS, so as I was saying, this thing did not start any time here recently, as so many would have you to believe.


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