Do You Supervise Your Children’s Phones?

.jpg photo of child predators arrested in arizona sting operation
These 25 men were arrested for arriving at a home to sexually abuse children in Arizona last month.

25 Reasons You Should Know What Your
Children Are Doing On Their Phones

These 25 men were arrested for arriving at a home to sexually abuse children in Arizona last month.  They responded to ads on various apps and websites by attempting to make a deal for different sex acts with children.  Luckily, undercover officers were the ones behind the ads, not traffickers selling real children.

Unfortunately, the type of sting operation used in Operation Summer Shield works well because of the shocking amount of real ads of real child victims who are being exploited sexually online.

In addition to traffickers selling children online, social media has become a wide open field for predators to find and extort vulnerable children.  Today’s youth need to know the dangers online.

“Predators no longer lurk in chat rooms,” Senator Marsha Blackburn said (link tweet), “ Predators use the apps our children use.”  These 25 men are the 25 reasons that you should know what your children are doing on their phones, because children are being targeted by online sexual predators.

“Traffickers look for the vulnerabilities and a child.  They look for what they are talking about online,” said Dr. Roe-Sepowtiz.  “And they find what it is that is missing, whether it’s attention, or love, or [physical] things.”

“I think it’s really important that if someone slides into their DM, that they know that that’s a predator, and to cut that person off,” she said.

These men all sought to have sex with children in other states around the U.S. in the last few months through Snapchat, Instagram, and other popular social media apps and websites

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  1. This is really 25 good reasons to teach the kids and their parents about, what to do online and not, Robert.
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