Who Could Starve A Child?

.jpg photo of man charged with death of 14 year old son
Antonio Juan Gonzalez, 33, charged with homicide, Child Abuse.

Father charged with homicide, Child Abuse after emaciated teen son found dead

MERCER COUNTY, PA  –  A Pennsylvania father is facing charges after his 14-year-old son who only weighed 70 pounds was found dead.

.jpg photo of man charged along with father in death of child
Paul Bacorn, 29, a friend of child’s father, charged with criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child.

The emaciated teen was discovered outside of the family’s home Thursday morning.

Police say his father Antonio Juan Gonzalez is the one who called 911.

The teen was homeschooled and lived in the home with his father and his 4-year-old sister.

Police say their mother died years ago.

The little girl was average weight and seemed to be in good health.

She’s now in state custody.

Police say they can’t believe the conditions the children had to live in.

Lt. Dan Ekis/state police crime section commander:

“It was squalor conditions.  It was in a country setting.  The victim was found just inside the trailer,” said Lt. Dan Ekis, the state police crime section commander.  “We couldn’t begin to understand what this child went through in fourteen short years, but obviously the way he died, especially at the hands of his father, is especially disturbing.”

Paul Bacorn, a friend of the father, is also facing charges for endangering the welfare of a child and criminal conspiracy.

Meanwhile, authorities are waiting for an autopsy to confirm the teen’s cause of death.

TX AG CEU Stops El Campo Purveyor Of Child Porn

.jpg photo of man arrested for child pornography
Jeremiah Joshua Pace, 37, of El Campo, Texas.

AG Paxton’s Child Exploitation Unit Makes Child Pornography Arrest in Wharton County

AUSTIN, TX  –  Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that on Wednesday the Child Exploitation Unit (CEU) of his office arrested 37-year-old Jeremiah Joshua Pace, of El Campo, Texas, on one count of Possession of Child Pornography.

A CyberTipline report from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children® (NCMEC) notified the Child Exploitation Unit that Pace reportedly uploaded child pornography to an e-mail account.

On October 9, 2019, CEU investigators executed a search warrant of Pace’s residence in Wharton County.  When interviewed, Pace admitted to possessing files of child pornography on his cell phone and email account.

Investigators examined Pace’s cell phone and found an image of child pornography and seized several digital storage devices to be examined by the Digital Forensic Unit.

Pace was transported to the Wharton County Jail without incident.

Attorney General Paxton’s office works to protect children by using the latest technology to track down some of the most profoundly evil predators online.

Since its inception, the Child Exploitation Unit has made 342 arrests and obtained 593 convictions on charges for possession of child pornography.

Attorney General Paxton urges all parents and teachers to become aware of the risks children face on the internet and take steps to help ensure their safety.

If you suspect someone is producing or downloading child pornography, you can report it to NCMEC.

For more information on cyber safety, please visit: