MI Woman Facing Life If Convicted

.jpg photo of Michigan woman arrested for child abuse
Ashley Swartout, 25, of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Battle Creek stepmother charged with
Child Abuse of twin girls

BATTLE CREEK, MI  –  A Battle Creek stepmother is facing up to life in prison if convicted of child abuse of twin sisters.

Ashley Swartout, 25, was arraigned Thursday in Calhoun County District Court on one count of first-degree child abuse and one count of second-degree child abuse.

She faces up to life in prison on the first-degree charge and 10 years in prison on the second-degree charge.

Swartout was arrested Monday after Battle Creek police obtained a warrant following an investigation which began Dec. 16.

Police said Swartout and her husband, Nathaniel Callahan, 28, the father of the twin seven-year-old girls, brought one of the children to Bronson Battle Creek hospital at 9:49 p.m. Dec. 16 for treatment.

Doctors notified police after finding severe bruising and swelling to both sides of the girl’s face as well as bruises on her arms, front and back of her torso and a bloody lower lip.

The girl said her stepmother was angry because the child was not doing her chores and grabbed her by the hair and banged her head against the walls and floor.  The girl said the woman also twisted her arm behind her back and told the girl she would break it.

Swartout told police she has seizures and does not recall the incident.  She said she remembers being angry at the girl about homework and chores but blacked out and remembers nothing until she was on the bathroom floor and her husband was over her.

Callahan told police his wife has a long history of seizures and doctors have been unable to diagnose the cause.  She is not able to have a driver’s license because of the condition.

However the girl said her stepmother was talking to her when the reported assault first began and then had a seizure and began to throw up.

Callahan came home from work and both he and Swarthout took the girl to the hospital.

8 thoughts on “MI Woman Facing Life If Convicted”

    1. Thank You Irene, we had a good New Years, and wouldn’t you know it, I have came down with a bug, and the crud congestion, but I caught it first thing, so I feel better today already.
      Irene, it would not surprise me if this young Lady is found not guilty, although at this point I am unsure.

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  1. Brain tumors do the strangest things when they are small and unable to be found. It could also be chemical imbalances knowing what some city water is like up there. The cause can be found but what he meant was they can’t afford the bill to find the cause and cure.
    The poor children suffered the most and hopefully they will be spared any long term future health conditions from any of the abuse, this is a situation where the only thing to do is get the kids out of the dangerous conditions and get her into the needed health care to find her cure. Prison won’t do anything for anybody in this situation. Prayer for her to be cured by jesus is the best thing any one online can do.

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    1. Keith, My Good Friend!
      Thank You so much for your highly valued input!
      I like your thought-provoking possibilities, and there could be at least one more possibility, and that is Shaken Baby Syndrome, this young Lady just might have been shaken when she was a Baby.
      However Keith, there is one more possibility, as I was just telling Mary Ann, and that is the fact that I have experience in this area: it is quiet possible that these twins do not like or want anyone taking their Mother’s place in the Family.
      What leads me to say this is the fact that the Husband, who is these Children’s Father, seemed to me to take this young Lady’s side, so only time will tell.
      I have made a note, and if I can keep up with it, I want to see what the outcome is, and read the testamony of the witnesses.
      Keith as I was just telling Mary Ann, is that many people automatically assume the accused is guilty. AND, of course that is not the Keith the Roving Cowboy that I know.
      Thank You My Good Friend!


    1. Hello Mary Ann, Thank You so much for your input, we highly value it as this shines more light upon what is so wrong in our world, and ensures our posts are seen by a much larger audience.
      Mary Ann, it is very easy to automatically assume that the person accused of the crime is guilty, which, you did not, and I greatly appreciate.
      After reading the arresting documents, which included more info, I felt as if she was possibly guilty, except for one small thing, which I had experience in this area, and that was the fact that she is “THE STEP-MOTHER”.
      What really made me wonder was the fact that the Husband, who is also “THE FATHER” sounded to me as if he took this young Lady’s side, which told me that it is quiet possible that the Children do not like anyone taking their Mother’s place.
      Thank You Mary Ann,

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