Your Child Deserves Good Parents

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How you raise your Child could mean the difference in Life or Death.

Quality Time Needs to Be a Family Priority

I am going to attempt to reach out to all Parents with this, although we want to draw young couples and young parents-to-be to Our Sites, where they can better prepare to be the Parents their Child needs.

No matter what kind of Parent you are, there is one thing you will never teach your Child.

The first, and most important thing a Child should “FEEL” is LOVE.  I believe that when a Child is born, it is possible to be ahead.  But let’s start from the beginning, and just so everyone knows, it is possible to, up to a point, to look at your wife and Child and say “I am so very sorry , PLEASE, I love you both, but I have wronged you both”.  ( If this is the wife, just change the words to read accordingly).

You should love your significant other as much as you love yourself, and you should be an honest person already, if not how can you even think of doing your significant other and family-to-be like this????

The same goes for violence toward your significant other and a family????


While we are here, you and this young Lady(even if you are joining in on this as seasoned Parents) are forming a TEAM, and contrary to what anyone says, there is no master or slave.

Learn to open up and talk, but be totally honest. If you are not best friends, it is time you really get to know each other, and at this point you never, never, never, ever betray the trust in which you told each other your deepest… and dreams.

But now is the time to train yourselves to talk softly, and you both might as well get rid of the dirty habits: chewing tobacco… OK, what is it? No, No, not you just the Mother-to-be, since it is her job to deal with your young football player 24 hours a day for 11 years…. OF Course I MEAN YOU TOO, new Mothers have depression, and it is the Father’s responsibility to deal with their Child as much as possible, and that doesn’t mean just when you aren’t playing pool or horseshoes.

The other member of your Team will need a time just to herself, EVERY DAY, and this is not just her naptime, that does not count.

Now back to stopping things an innocent Child should not know: tobacco, cussing, arguing, fighting, alcohol, drugs(all 3 kinds, illicit, over-the-counter, and prescription, and that goes for the fake over-the-counter synthetic drugs), pornography, loud music, and junk television.

Next the Team will need to start early and get you a child-proofing-the-house list going, along with Emergency plans for various possibilities.

OK, when your Teammate conceives, it will be time to start talking softly to this bundle of joy while lightly rubbing and touching this “bump” as your Child grows. You can sing softly, and read to this soon-to-be addition to the Team.

It will be a really good time to prepare yourselves, so read-up on facts like bonding to Mom and Dad, Newborns get scared very easily, and most particularly uncontrollable crying, which is Purple crying or Blue Face(it was called when my oldest taught me the hard way what this thing is, that far too many end up hurting their Child for life by Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Last but not least, the things you DO NOT DO AT ALL, EVEN ONE(1) TIME!!!!

You never discipline a Child when you are angry.  You NEVER talk MEAN to them, NEVER criticize them, if they are having trouble with homework, you help them, and if you can’t do the problems just imagine what this dear Child feels like in front of his peers.

Now it is time for you and your Teammate to start practicing Quality Time.

You can NOT teach your Child LOVE, it is a feeling, a felt thing. But you will begin as a smiling, long-suffering Parent, teaching your Child the basic qualities necessary to be a Good Family Member, Good Friend, Good Pupil, Good Citizen, Good Employee, Good Soldier, Good Boss, and a Good Civil Servant, by teaching Truth, Honor, Respect while being Respected, Duty, and Responsibility(which, by 18-years-of-age, will be Responsibility For One’s Own Actions).

This Child must be protected by you and your teammate for 18 years.

9 thoughts on “Your Child Deserves Good Parents”

    1. Hello Irene, ThankYou so much! What would I do without you and your giant heart of pure gold? I wanted to share the joy I had when I was a young father, so I wrote this in a light hearted, mischevious way in an attempt to show how I feel a relationship should be, and that is with a good, caring heart and always with a long-suffering attitude and great love for my family and friends.

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      1. Hi Irene, Thank You so much! I firmly believe in communication and honor, if someone has to lie, then there has always been a communication problem. Also, if you continually “have” to put a Child in check, I think most probably you got too many rules for this child or your better half, and most probably very few or no rules at all for yourself.
        There is no doubt in my mind that “Spare the rod, spoil the Child”, is referring to a Rod of Learning. For the life of me I can’t remember Our Lord Jesus ever putting a Child in check(That is a chess term Frank and I always used, and it could mean almost any type of violence needed at any given time), and just off the top of my head, and that goes for an Angel also.
        As far as a man and woman, or even 2 buddies that work together, 2 heads are better than 1, , if both are on the same page, and there is a bond of trust.,
        So that’s about the best examples I can think of, but no matter if you are work buddies, which is a Team, or a couple, if you aren’t a Team, you are counter-productive. Now tell me what kind of Parents you are if you are counter-productive.. you aren’t the idea Parents for any Child.

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      2. I can easy follow, what you mean Robert.
        My kids are adults now and have kids themselves. I didn’t use violence to them either, we have always talked about the matters.
        For many years, I have had animals as my kids at home and the same rule there, no violence.

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