CPS Worker Had Role In Prostitution Ring

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
How Can CPS Be Above The Law!!!!

Pennsylvania: Former CPS Worker Charged With Human Trafficking

With all of the reporting coming out in recent days concerning Child Protective Services (CPS), it’s no wonder that this has occurred.  The only question that remains is: Why have not countless hundreds, or even thousands, also been charged?  Yet, an ex-CPS social worker is now facing charges of human trafficking after recruiting a mother who was her client into prostitution in exchange for a favorable custody recommendation, according to authorities.

.jpg photo of arrested CPS worker
Candace Talley, 27, Winslow, NJ charged with 2 counts of human trafficking, promoting prostitution, making threats and other charges.

Candace Talley, 27, of Winslow, New Jersey, was working for the Division of Children and Youth Services in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, when she coerced the mother, whose children were in foster care and whose case Talley was managing, into working as a prostitute, the Delaware County District Attorney’s office announced Thursday.

Talley drove the woman to and from jobs and took more than 25% of the money that was made, authorities said.  Talley also promised the woman she would help falsify her drug test results to help her case.  Talley was part of an “extensive prostitution ring,” the district attorney’s office said in a press release.

Talley was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of human trafficking for financial gain, promoting prostitution, making threats and other related charges.

That’s not all, CPS has also worked hand in glove with Planned Parenthood to not only kidnap kids from loving homes but blackmail pregnant mothers to murder their unborn children in order to get their children back that CPS kidnapped from them; and those that refused were told that once they gave birth, CPS would be there to kidnap that child from them too.

CPS also failed to return children they kidnapped from mothers who chose abortion to get their kids back.

17 thoughts on “CPS Worker Had Role In Prostitution Ring”

    1. Mary Ann, maybe what I should do is make a list of my posts on CPS/HHS and bring you up to speed.
      You probably aren’t familliar with TOR, The Onion Router. Everyone thought it was unbreakable. You see, this is where the Dark Net resides, but it was broken before anyone even knew it, and that is because of CPS/HHS CyberSecurity Guru was a violent pedophile also: https://notinmyworld.org/2015/01/13/child-abuse-82/
      mary Ann, a real funny thing happened when Facebook got themselves hooked up with TOR
      Hackers from the Dark Net hacked into their server and they didn’t even realize that hackers had about at least a quarter of this new server’s hard drive space full of porn.

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      1. Thank you for the info.
        I had no idea.. I have heard of Dark Web, but I am not familiar with it.. I presume it has something to do with sin.
        It is so sad that satan has a hold on so many.. They say pedophilia starts with an addiction to pornography, and that FB turns a blind eye to things they should report, concerning underage children.
        Thank you for being an advocate for children.

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      2. Thank You so much Mary Ann!!!! It wasn’t too long after the Dark Webb became a big thing for anything anybody wanted, and they had upgraded to TOR (The Onion Router). It just so happened that the head Security Man for HHS/CPS was a real pervert of the worst kind, and Thanks to him, Our people developed a way to trail him thru TOR, and the rest is history. Funny that you mentioned FB, they got cool and got them a TOR, they never knew it, but, Dark Web hackers got in and pirated about a third of a really big server, and had it loaded with porn.
        Mary Ann, if you would like to read about Timothy DeFoggi, the HHS/CPS Security BigWig, who gave sewer rats a new model for evil and perverse.
        Former HHS Big Wig Is Violent Pedophile


      3. Thank You so much Mary Ann!!!! Also, no matter if I have already told you this, but you already have your own place here, at the fire, or where ever you choose to sit, stand, or what ever, your heart has earned you your own place among us…. as we laugh and joke the seconds, minutes, hours. etc… actually you can cry any time, and we will cry with you.
        Mary Ann, almost no one knows this, but I want you to know.. I had been doing this long past where I grew to hate sleeping after a bad one, because I wokeup crying my eyes out and screaming. I happen to really like Lionel Ritchie, and I had just finished a really bad one and somehow a tab opened and there was the song I had always loved, suddenly playing.. HELLO, is it me you’re looking for….
        Mary Ann, I have always wondered why.. so many, many


      4. Thank You so much Mary Ann!!!! Also, no matter if I have already told you this, but you already have your own place here, at the fire, or where ever you choose to sit, stand, or what ever, your heart has earned you your own place among us…. as we laugh and joke the seconds, minutes, hours. etc… actually you can cry any time, and we will cry with you.
        Mary Ann, almost no one knows this, but I want you to know.. I had been doing this long past where I grew to hate sleeping after a bad one, because I wokeup crying my eyes out and screaming. I happen to really like Lionel Ritchie, and I had just finished a really bad one and somehow a tab opened and there was the song I had always loved, suddenly playing.. HELLO, is it me you’re looking for….
        Mary Ann, I have always wondered why.. so many, many have been taken(their Lives) thru so many centurys, and no one there (please don’t say it, I know, I know)
        But I visualized a dark lonely place with water dripping, a Child walking when suddenly foot fall behind, and he trys to hide, after a while a scared young voice quietly says “hello”.. a bit louder and more scared, voice trembling “Helllloooo?!”, then footsteps closer, and the little voice filled with terror “HEshhhhh” I am here, step behind me, you will be alright, just stay behind me, then I will take you home then… suddenly a male voice HEuhlloo, come on out kid, and as I lay my hands upon this sewer rat, I say “Hello, IT’s ME YOU’re looking for!!!!
        Mary Ann, after I told you on your earlier comment about the CPS/HHS Security sewer rat that got nailed on tthe Dark Web, I noticed not 15 minutes later that you had already found it.
        Thank You Mary Ann, for caring.

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      5. Thank you Robert,
        I am with you, child abuse makes the heart ache, along with elder abuse.
        It was an amazing vision you had. I feel you have a gift of being a concerned warrior for the defenseless. It is difficult to wrap our minds around the constant darkness that children face. There seems to be more tears of sorrow, than of joy..
        People say if there was a God, He wouldn’t let these things happen, but He is not to blame. 2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us who is to blame, as he fills the heart and mind with evil.
        I pray you will rally many more like minded people to stand with you in this fight for the innocent.

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      6. Thank You so much Mary Ann!!!!
        Frank and I never turned our eyes away from anyone in need or in trouble. Our Dear Lord called Frank, My Little Brother, home 2 years ago, there is a Memorial on both of Our website and Blog, “My Brother’s Keeper”, for My Best Friend Our whole lives. These sites are not about us, and I don’t like saying it, but, we were beat with a bull whip as little boys, and “good” people delighted in telling on us, while embellishing, just to get us beat. We never done what most kids would have done.. WHY???? Because we knew we liable to be killed. We prayed to Our Dear GOD in the darkness, while crying, for hhim to kill us. Then at some point, we thought we had made Our Loving GOD mad at us. At 11 years old, I stood in front of Frank and said not to him Bro no more, and he exploded. Finally tired, h stopped and turned, then got stiff as a board, and jerked around, where I hadn’t moved, I was still standing and looking just as I had been when I said not to hit Frank no more, and he looked odd, buut said, “Oh, not going to cry.. we’ll see about that”. I got mad at the end because I thought I heard me crying and screaming, and I went out. It was Frank crying, “Please, Please Cry”.
        We’ll talk about these GODLESS IDIOTS later, they can’t stand it because our wworld here is based on BS, the sped of light can not be 186,000 mps, not when the sun shoots light packets(photons) and magntic waves at 10 times that speed. The constant of gravity is BS, if not how can there be a high and low tide. There is not 2 of any living thing on this earth the same, every living thing is umique, AND, by the way, no other living thing acts on perverse fantasys and does homo crap.
        Mary Ann, 5 years and 7 months ago we opened the doors on a one page gift for Google+ and all their users. We never imagined even 50 people following that page, and certainly not 500.
        We have way over 21,000 Followers, from over 130 -150 Countrie, and we have been known all across the world wide web for over 3 amd a half years or more.
        There is one thing most people might not realize, pprobably think we were always joking, but I am a Follower just like the rest, and we have always followed Our LEADER, where he leads, I will follow, we work because the night is coming.
        OH, Mary Ann, what these idiots sure don’t want to hear is that we have a one-of-a-kind water purification system, that also cleans the air, and the rivers, and the land. Our Dear GOD is so Good to us.
        AND one more thing, there has never been a hole in the Ozone layer, but even if there were, how do you think these “scientist” climb a ladder that high to take samples, then, keep doing it all around the world…. we live in a world wrought with lies and liars, where the rules theyuse to “test” this and that, or prove this and that, is based on theorys, theorems, and postulates… and a whole lot of supposition. When I get the chance, I will show you why there has never been a shortage of ozone, and… we can send all the alphabet group on a good fishing trip.
        I send all Good Things your way

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      7. Dear Robert,
        I did not know that Frank was your dear brother, I saw the memorial on your page.
        Is your family Native American, if you don’t mind me asking?
        I am sorry you went through mourning.
        One day soon you will reunite, that is our blessed hope. It must have been difficult growing up being abused.. some wounds leave scars that do not heal. It makes a child feel they are not good enough to be loved.. Life it seems made you stronger, because you are wise and not lead astray by the puppet masters..
        Possibly that is why so many regimes banned Christianity.. because God brings wisdom to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear..
        I am happy you have a large following, it is good news, among the bad..
        God Bless you and your family.

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      8. Hello Mary Ann, Thank You for your kind, caring words. Frank and I have been best Friends since we were little boys, We were born 1 year and 363 days apart, I was born on July 16, and Frank Eagle on July 14, into a Family of Eagles. I am Rolling Thunder, and few ppl stop and think about that. I know Our Dad had to know something was wrong, but he always had total faith in us, and early one morning he was stretching his wings, and stopped and looked at me, and just smiled.. I was stretching mine also, He was gauging the winds and suddenly he glanced at me, with that smile(Frank has that smile), and he took wing and flew skyward, and me, I had always watched, but not this morning, I followed… a zig-zag course, up and way down, and up and down, and somehow I finally landed. Poor Frank, as young as he was, he could barely breath, but our Dad hadn’t seen him struggling to keep me up. That is true, to a certain degree, because I am Flying Bull. But that is for another day.
        Yes, we are The UnCivilized, The Snake People, The Comanche. Our Father was he Best Man we ever knew, as was Our Uncle, he was Our Father’s Uncle.
        Mary Ann, it was many years before we knew even a few good men, so don’t get your hopes up about a huge metropolis in the sky.
        What is said about changing even one word in the Bible? Now you think on this one: Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros.
        UnConditional Love, Family Love(as it really should be), Best Friend Love(as it really should be), and Physical Love.
        Now, how many are in the KJV?
        There have been few people that truly know what Agape feels like, and not so many more have truly experienced Storge and Philia.
        You want proof? OK, how many people cast all blame on someone wearing a red costume that has a forked tail, and he carries a pitch fork, and so many, many men and women walk around .. Oh Woa is me, ooh woa is me… its the devils work…
        Over 80% of the time when a child is abused or molested it happened at home by a family member or relative, or neighbor.
        Look at the prison systems the world over, no different than Sodom and Gomorrah… odd thing don’t you think?
        Mary Ann, you really need to catch my next post on the pandemic that has been all around us, and Obama put the finishing touch on it when he made it legal for homos to give blood.
        Thank you for you very kind words Mary Ann.. these hare krishna/holy rollers have no clue.. they act like it is our commmandment to just walkup, limp wristed and let the evil of this world cut us down, or gas us all again. I am no different than General Joshua, or a Disciple, they wore swords. We are to protect the weaker members of the flock.
        I say again, Me and Frank never turned our eyes away.
        Mary Ann, funny thing is, who would have ever thought that one page gift to Google+ and it’s users would have ever had 50 Followers, or 100,,,,,,
        I am just a Follower, BUT, where HE leads me I WILL FOLLOW.
        Mary Ann, come any time,you will find your place waiting.
        I send all Good Things your way
        Always And All Ways


      9. Thank you for sharing Robert,
        It was beautiful how you explained your brother going to be with the Lord.
        I read the KJV also, and feel our Lord is Agape love..
        I have always had a love, and strong opinion for Native Americans..
        People think I am crazy but I feel if we had not stolen everything from them, this world would be better off.. The government cries about food shortages, desolate forests and pollution.. It is there own fault.. The Native Americans knew how to give back to the land..
        I will be looking forward to your new post.
        I believe you are right Robert, children are often hurt by those who should love and protect, not abuse and molest.
        God sees all good and evil and they will need to answer to Him.
        God bless you and your family.

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      10. Hello Mary Ann, it does my heart good to see you come and take your place, if only for a while.
        When I started this, it bothered me quiet a lot at first that there were so many indifferent people, although in the little time before I started our website, I quickly realized that this was just something a great number projected to hide what was within them, and in fact, this is why I used this word visibly on our website, and later mostly as tags on both sites.
        I spent my first years with my GrandMother and 2 Aunts in the Catholic Church, as many native americans do. The thing most INDNs(this is how we spell this name for us) won’t admit is the fact that as far as I know, all INDNs believe in creation, and in fact call HIM THE CREATOR.
        I still use the Douay-Rheims Bible with Latin Vulgate, and the KJV.
        Until King James had the KJV commissioned, protestants used the Douay-Rheims Bible.
        Mary Ann, there was many treatys broken, but, INDNs were conquered peoples. Although I am not using this to neglect explaining that this does not explain away the evil in mens hearts.
        All men travel the pathway through this lifetime, there is no “karma”, the choices men make while on this pathway determine their Destiny. In other words, NO ONE ever made any man do anything(as far as any Angel or heavenly diety) each man and woman makes their own choices and decisions.
        Mary Ann, you tell me, what did you want more than anything in this lifetime? Every person wants to be LOVED, am I right?
        There is the answer many people can not accept, so why shouldn’t Our Dear Mighty GOD want to be loved?
        Mary Ann, I left one thing out the last time we talked: I said Heaven wouldn’t be a huge, giant metropolis
        How did I come to make this decision for myself? After the way we were Bullyed, Abused, and hated, I knew the hearts of many men.
        But, one day I stumbled upon the word Thanatophobia, “the fear of death”. It is said that over 99% of all people suffer from this. Like it or not, a great number suffer from this due to the way they treated their fellow man while on the pathway thru this lifetime.
        Mary Ann, if you wish, you can email me at RStrongBow@notinmyworld.org T this will ensure I receive your email, instead of the spam folder of one of my personal email accounts.
        Thank You so much for you input Mary Ann!
        I send all Good Things your way
        Always And All Ways

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      11. Thank you Robert,
        You have well explained the heart of man..
        I believe there is but a short time for hearts to be changed..
        Love is a gift from God, and He can turn a heart of stone into a heart of flesh, if they believe in Him.
        God Bless you and your family.

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      12. y Ann, Thank You so much for your input!
        We have an on-going campaign, “Be The Difference”, where we stress the importance of smiling, don’t be in a hurry, be friendly and courteous, because you might well be just what someone never expected, and it changes someone’s outlook for the good.
        Which is basically what you said, for we are to let our light shine.
        Mary Ann, you said more than you know there, There is one thing that a Child can not be taught, and that is love.
        A newborn bonds with it’s Mother, and a bond of trust starts to grow, and thru this, But, the window for this is narrow, I am pretty sure that loud voices are a big part of this, and when those loud voices are filled with discord, it is not good, but when it is more than just now and then, this is a very heart-breaking thought.
        Newborns get frightened and/or scared very easily, and we do all we can to make this known to young perspective parents, along with the fact that a newborn isn’t just the Mother’s job for the next 18 years.
        Starting from birth, a Mother needs time to herself, and this is not her break. A Father should share the responsibility 50-50 on a good day, and everyday, if they are good days, on off days, the Father should shoulder the burden of time to ensure his Teammate’s proper healing and continuing good mental health.
        I got up at night with all 4 of my sons, although I am quiet sure there were sick days and nights when I wasn’t able, or even not allowed to if truly sick, but it is the thoughtfulness that goes a real long way to an even better relationship.
        Sorry, Mary Ann, as you see, it’s not hard at all to get me to talking, but I have educated in this for 5 years and 7 months, daily and many, many nights.
        Thank You Mary Ann, your comments are always good and thought-provoking.
        Have a great day!
        I send all Good Things your way

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      13. Hello Mary Ann, and Thank You.
        You don’t realize it, but I have been sitting here for an extended length of time.. remembering.
        It was never within me to not bond with my sons, they were always mine, and will always be mine.
        The woman you speak of has been out of my life for a very long time.
        I was on a crash course, and a woman in my Family helped with my tutoring. She did some tutoring on her own, that I was unaware of, she taught 2 of my students all they needed to know to go to the head woman of my Family and how they were qualified to be a part of our people, and in fact wanted to be a part of a certain Family, since I was unspoken for.
        All I will say is have you ever heard of the movie “Misery”?
        I was going to tell you much more about the woman you asked about, but not here.
        I send all Good Things your way

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