Disney And Alphabet Group: Child Predator Agenda

Another WARNING from One Million Moms

Gay Dads Introduced on Disney’s “DuckTales”.

WARNING!  DuckTales is not the same cartoon parents grew up watching.  Disney has introduced a male couple as the parents of two characters in the reboot of its popular DuckTales, rated TV-Y.

Violet, a friend of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, has two dads as seen in the first episode of Season 3.  In the same episode, it is also revealed that Violet’s dads have adopted her best friend Lena.  Violet says, in reference to Lena, “My sister from a couple of misters.”

The dads share the same last name and both wear T-shirts with the phrase “I’M WITH DAD” on the front and arrows pointing at each other.  There is no denying their romantic relationship.  It is extremely apparent that they are a couple.

In a Tumblr blog post, DuckTales co-executive producer and story editor Frank Angones regrets that the gay representation on the show isn’t center stage.  His excuse he gave to the Left is this:  Because the show is rooted in 1980s characters involved in heterosexual romances, his hands were tied.  Otherwise he would have done things differently, he explained in this post:

I refuse to publicize this CHILD PREDATOR’S explaination.
Robert StrongBow

It is apparent that this particular producer is not finished with indoctrinating children by exposing them to homosexual relationships through a facade of normalcy.

If anyone still has any doubt on where Disney stands on this controversial issue, hopefully this makes it clear that there is an LGBTQ agenda they are forcing on young audiences.


Sign the Disney pledge stating you and your family will no longer support Disney nor watch DuckTales as long as it veers away from family-friendly entertainment.  And please share this with your friends and family.


Monica Cole, Director

2 thoughts on “Disney And Alphabet Group: Child Predator Agenda”

  1. The state and government have been overreaching for years.
    Sexual education should be left to the parents,as they see their child maturing. There is a time and place for talking to children about the
    ” birds and bees”. Safety should be taught at a young age. Leave parenting to parents!, protect children you deem neglected and abused. That is my opinion.

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    1. Mary Ann, the sad part is that so many young people in love have few, or no family members to help constructively.
      This is a 24/7 job for 18 years, and all it takes is just minutes for a sewer rat to steal the best hopes and dreams of a Child’s future.
      AND, by the way, every electronic device that a Child uses should have every possible app installed… from keystroke recorders, to GPS recorders, and so on.
      As far as I know, I have installed so many, many more of these than any 10 I know of, parents ignorance of these apps is amazing. I have heard far too many times how they wouldn’t think of sneaking around and installing any of these…. and far to many times, somewhere down the road way too many parents are left with the memory of “THE LAST TIME THEY SAW THEIR CHILD”.
      I wouldn’t even think of sneaking around and installing any of these apps, I would put my foot down, after explaining, and install every single one I felt that might help.

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