Two OK Men On Run Spotted In FL Walmart

Two OK men on run spotted in Florida walmart.
Two OK men on run spotted in Florida walmart.

OKC Police searching for 2 young men who face 52 felony Child Sex Abuse charges

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) –  According to Oklahoma City police, a metro married couple is on the run, facing more than 50 felony sex abuse charges involving a child.

OKCPD says a warrant has been issued for 25-year-old Robert Inman and 28-year-old Matthew Inman of Oklahoma City.

“We just thought they were taking a little vacation,” the suspects’ family member told KFOR.

KFOR showed up at the Inmans’ last known address Wednesday when a man, claiming to be a family member, says he thought he was temporarily house-sitting.

“The detectives said they’ve been in Florida,” the family member said.

Florida man credits OKC news after spotting couple wanted for child sex crimes

Wednesday, the Oklahoma County District Attorney signed off on 52 counts against the couple, including indecent or lewd acts with a minor, forcible sodomy and child pornography.

Arrest warrant issued for couple accused of sexually assaulting child dozens of times over multiple years

According to detectives, the abuse had been happening for years.

“The crimes stem back to when this child was just four years old.” Sgt. Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

Police say they made several visits to the Inman home over the summer, finding “content on a cell phone” and a “sex toy”.

According to a police report, Matthew and Robert were home at the time, so officers interviewed them.

A family member told KFOR on camera the two haven’t been home in months, but then changed his story.

“They just left, and the son just told us to come here and stay here at his house,” the family member said.

“You didn’t know there was this alleged sexual assault going on?” KFOR reporter Peyton Yager asked.

“No,” the family member said.  “We did not. I am sorry.”

Robert and Matthew Inman each face a $1 million bond when arrested.

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  1. No these are NOT men. They are reported as married. If correct then THEY ARE QUEERS, they have already chosen their destination for eternity, and if the 50 plus cases of child abuse are correct, they have sealed their punishment for eternity.
    But I know as a Christian that if they repent that jesus will forgive them.
    But also I know that in the bible book of Deutaronomy that it says the queers wont repent. To leave them alone for they are contaminated and will contaminate you.
    So I am torn by the urge to take them in the swamp and let the bugs and gators take care of them. Or putting them in jail which will give them time to repent, which they never will.

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      Just as I think it is finally time to join Frank, Our Mighty LEADER humbles me to my knees and tears, so I’m not done, by a long shot.
      Suddenly, a dream I have had for about 5 years has a very good chance to become reality.
      If this does happen, would you like to be in a video for Our Children and Our sites with me and 1 of 2 professional musicians(and who knows, it could be both of the 2 musicians I have talked to, that suddenly, contacted me)…. My Good Friend, I am Humbled to my knees.
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