OK Man Lost Daughter In Hot Vehicle


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Edmond father to not face charges for
2-year-old’s hot car death

EDMOND, OK – Authorities in Edmond say a local father will not face charges for the death of his 2-year-old daughter.

Oklahoma Child left in hot car dies

Around 6 p.m. on Aug. 17, 911 dispatchers received a frantic call from a home in reference to a child in a hot car.

The father said that his youngest daughter, 2-year-old Cecelia Chavez, had been left in the family’s SUV for four to six hours.

When investigators arrived, they found Cecelia unresponsive, Officers and Firefighters performed CPR.  She was rushed to OU Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City where she was pronounced dead.

Cecelia Chavez became the 19th Child to lost their life to heat stroke in a hot vehicle this year.

After a thorough investigation, Edmond detectives asked Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater to file child neglect charges against the girl’s father, Joseph Chavez.

However, Prater declined those charges.

Officials say Chavez will not face charges and the case has been closed.

2 thoughts on “OK Man Lost Daughter In Hot Vehicle”

  1. Only a couple reasons for not charging the dad.
    1. He was at work came home the wife was asleep he started looking for the little girl. Found her and panicked then called for help and he can prove that.
    2. He is so distraught it’s evident that he didn’t do it.
    3. That means either the little girl climbed in the car got tired and laid down.
    4. The wife picked her up from daycare after a 12 hour shift was tired forgot about the little girl. Went to sleep.
    So in those situations where do you place the blame.
    Both parents are suffering.
    1. I place the blame on whoever picked up the little girl from daycare or didn’t take her back out after getting home from taking the other kid’s to school.
    Regardless of how tired they were they had the responsibility to care for the little girl.

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    1. Keith, My Dear Friend and Brother, all I can say is “I have no idea”, all I know is that I raised 4 Boys, and never, EVER, forgot and left one in the car, OR pickup.


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