Child Malnourished And Kept In Crate

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Child was malnourished and kept in a wooden crate.

Preliminary hearing held for 4 people
charged with child abuse in
Stone County, Missouri

STONE COUNTY, MO  –  A preliminary hearing was held on Tuesday for four people charged for child abuse back in November.

Dessa A. Barton, 26, W. Dalton McLendon, 26, Kathreine Kost, 56, and Richard A Hilliker, 52, pleaded not guilty to their charges.  Each face charges of endangering the welfare of a child and child abuse.

In a hearing that lasted more than three hours, the Stone County Prosecuting Attorney presented various pieces of evidence and called multiple witnesses to the stand.  Among witnesses were Stone County detectives as well as the ex-boyfriend of Dessa Barton, who is the mother of the child.

Detectives said the then 4-year-old boy suffered from extreme malnutrition.  They also said the young boy spent extended periods of time in a wooden crate constructed of pallets.

On Tuesday Stone County Prosecutor Matt Selby showed a number of photos taken during a search of the home.

Photos showed the crate itself, a make-shift door for the crate as well as blankets and children’s clothing.  During testimonies, detectives said Dalton McLendon previously denied using the crate for the child, instead they say McLendon said it was used for a dog.

Detectives who gave testimony also said McLendon admitted to spanking the boy and sometimes using a belt on him.  Among the photos shared by Selby was a photo of a belt, which detectives described as “the belt.”

“[McLendon said the child] had this problem where he would pee himself,” Stone County detective Matthew Maggard said.

Maggard also said McLendon told him he had issues trying to get the boy to play with him.

“Dalton said he tried to play with [the child] but he never wanted to play with him because he seemed like a standoff child,” Maggard said in his testimony.

Selby also presented phone records between a few of the four.  All four were present during the hearing, but a few of the defense attorneys said some of the evidence did not pertain to each individuals case.

Detectives had also testified that medical personnel told them the child’s injuries were consistent with physical abuse.  One detective said the boy was quite skinny when they saw him.

One investigator who gave testimony said Barton told detectives in an interview that she did not know how her son had hurt himself.  They said Barton said she believed her son was causing self harm.  Detectives said she told them she thought her son need more psychiatric help than medical attention.

Investigators initially received a 911 call on November 6 about the child being unresponsive in a Billings home.  Emergency crews transported the him to a Springfield hospital, then airlifted him to a Kansas City hospital.

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    1. My Dear Irene, I have missed you so much.
      I hope and pray that everything is well and good with you.
      Yes at least some of the Children are being watched and taken care of .

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      1. Irene, you are very welcome!
        I forgot to ask, how is Oden?
        As for me, I have just been so-so, but the Probate of Frank’s estate finally ended December 15, after 2 1/2 years and right at $14,000 paid to my shyster lawyer. Funny thing is.. he has no idea that I am a Google Guide, and I am going to do a review of him and his services within the next 3 weeks and I am going to tell it just like it is and has been.
        Irene, with all that I am doing and planning, I am way understaffed and it is eating my lunch, but one thing I have wanted to do is about to bear fruit, unless something unforseen hits me and my Childhood friends… all i will tell you at this time is most of my friends family are musicians, and my dream for al I do is about to be realized.
        Irene, I send all my love and high hopes always

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      2. Hi Robert.
        About Odin, then he left this world last in July 2020 after diagnosed with cancer and suffered with hip dysplasia, I chose for him not to get chemo therapy, but have so good a time with him as it was fair. He became diagnosed in January last year with the cancer, so we had a half year extra, before it was time to release him from pain.
        My old cats both left me inside the last 1,5 years, but they became 16 years old, so understandable. Odin became only 7,5 years old.
        Wish you all good luck with your dreams, Robert.

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      3. My Dearest Irene, my heart has been on the floor, and he is on my lonesome mind several times a day…. Imagine this, he left this life very near, or right on my Birthday….
        Our Father left on my Birthday in 1967, he is the Best Man I ever knew, and Frank measures up very well, and even carries one of his names, and I the other.
        I send all Good Things your way Irene
        Always And All Ways

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  1. Sounds like they are democrats trying cover up their crimes by blaming the victim.
    I bet he referred to the kid as the dog .
    And the unknowing mother was drunk most the time or on drugs.
    They sound like id10ts whipped the kid because he can’t hold it for as long as they can.
    There is a medical condition that somepeople have called lactose intolerance. That will cause them to wet themselves. Also found out about 10 years ago that they may not be lactose intolerant but might not be able to handle A1 protein in milk. They have discovered that some cows produce A1 others produce A2 its a simple thing to switch to the A2 milk
    But it cost more and I bet they didn’t want to stop their beer and cigarettes. Or drugs. This is what a lot of the abuse cases are like.
    Selfish adults.

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    1. Keith, I am pretty sure regular parents aren’t too happy that they are getting wore out, while the homos can do any thing they want to Children right in their own little Sewer Rat Hole.


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