A Prime Example Of The Need For A Death Penalty


,jpg photo of violent Child Sexual Predator
This evil Sewer Rat should have his cell door welded closed, so he is never near another Child again.

Oklahoma man found guilty of disturbing
case of Child Abuse

NORMAN, OK  –  An Oklahoma man has been convicted of several counts of child abuse and sexual assault after he reportedly fled to Hong Kong to avoid the charges.

WARNING  –  This is more than “disturbing”, this is just more proof of the growing evil, sadistic abuse being inflicted on Our Children day after day.  BUT, this is nothing new apparently, since the Justice Department sent a very detailed REPORT TO CONGRESS, August 2010… Just another Brick In The Wall for this Legacy Of Failure.
Robert StrongBow

In 2019, Jose Perez Manarang, Jr. was arrested after shocking allegations of child abuse surfaced.

According to court documents, “Manarang would put a plastic trash bag and tie it off around [the child’s] neck until [they] ‘about died.’”

Norman Man Flees To Hong Kong
January 18, 2019

Documents state he would also “spank [the child’s] face until it was swollen” and “kick [the child] in the chest with boots on.”

Once the allegations were reported to police, investigators say Manarang fled to Hong Kong.

He was ultimately brought back to Oklahoma and was charged with two counts of rape, child sexual abuse, lewd molestation or indecent proposal, three counts of child abuse, soliciting a minor for indecent exposure, and two counts of procuring pornography.

During the non-jury trial, Manarang’s defense team rested after calling no witnesses.

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman found Manarang guilty on all counts.

He was sentenced to six life sentences, plus 80 years.

4 thoughts on “A Prime Example Of The Need For A Death Penalty”

  1. That is still to little time for this POS. He should be locked away and made to were a bag with one small hole just enough air to keep him alive.

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    1. Hello Tharon, mighty happy to see you here!
      I have got to admit, this dude made me mad.
      This dude is a Violent Child Sexual Predator, and a Sadist to boot.
      To me now, I believe that this kind of person can never be trusted around Children OR Women.
      Just so you know, I am going to talk at-length with my Stewards. (most people have one steward, I have over two, for a reason.


  2. People like this are allowed to be here for one reason I believe that is, to test our faith. For even this person is one Jesus came to earth for. He to can still be forgive if he asks the lord Jesus to forgive him. Our test is to pray for him and forgive him. He will still have to be punished but it is his soul we need to pray for.
    I have stopped thinking of punishment for people because I feel that is a form of judging. But I could be wrong about that. It also makes me angry and that is not advisable to be, since anger leads to improper thinking, and that leads to wrong decisions.
    I am glad he was caught.
    Now he might get the help he needs. He’s got all the time in the world to get the help after all he’s not going anywhere.

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    1. Hello Keith, I was always told the weaker members of the flock should be protected.
      All I do know is that if it is a Brother that has fallen by the wayside, we are to tell our Steward, then go with a group of the men and council with him. If that does not work, then he is to be put away from us. You know something, I will just find out.


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