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Baby Found In Car With Engine Running

.jpg photo of mother charged with Child Abuse
Ciera Carter, 29

Phoenix woman accused of Child Abuse
after baby found in car

PHOENIX, AZ  –  A Phoenix woman is facing child abuse charges for allegedly shopping and leaving her 6-month-old baby alone inside an unlocked car with the engine running and keys in the ignition.

Phoenix police say 29-year-old Ciera Carter was arrested Sunday night, but has since been released from jail pending an Oct. 3 court appearance.

Arizona Department of Child Services officials say the baby still is a ward of the state from a prior child abuse instance involving Carter.

Police say Carter told them she been shopping at a store for a minute while the infant was unattended and strapped into the car seat.

But police say surveillance video showed Carter was in the store for 14 minutes.

They say the car’s air conditioning was running and the windows were rolled up.

SC Sees High Number Of Child Abuse Reports

.jpg photo of news report of Child Abuse
SC Sees High Number Of Child Abuse Reports

Record number of child abuse referrals at Spartanburg Children’s Advocacy Center

SPARTANBURG, SC  –  If walls could talk, the ones at the Children’s Advocacy Center could tell stories of kids devastated by abuse.

“Having a little girl ask, am I still a virgin?  Is anybody going to want to marry me after what’s happened?”

Executive Director Suzy Cole said in 2015, they saw a record number of child abuse referrals and are on track for another record this year.

“We want them to learn that what happens to them happens to lots of kids.  They’re going to be okay, they’re not damaged.  This wasn’t their fault.”

“What we think it means is we’re doing a better job in this community of reporting abuse to authorities.”

She says a study revealed thousands of South Carolina professionals felt they did not get adequate training in the past.

“Our law enforcement folks are better trained on what to look for child abuse.  Also, our teachers are better trained than they’ve ever been before.”

She also says the passing of Erin’s Law is bringing the lesson of sex abuse into the classroom.

“It’s a law that requires child sexual abuse prevention education in our schools, so all kids K through 12 will have an age appropriate lesson about touching,” she said.  “I spoke to one child in the lobby one morning.  She said well we heard at school about a little girl who told about some touching that was happening to her and it made things better for her so I thought I would tell.”

She says more referrals mean more opportunities to start helping these kids piece their lives together through therapy.

“A lot of times you can see the hope that is come through in those drawings from being in a dark place to a brighter, more hopeful place.”

The Children’s Advocacy Center serves Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union counties.

Got 2B Safe – My Rules – NCMEC

.jpg photo of missing kids website logo
Join with us in donating to this worthy cause

Knowing My Rules for Safety

1 – I CHECK FIRST with my parents, guardians, or other trusted adults before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything, or getting into a car.

2 –  I TAKE A FRIEND with me when going places or playing outside.

3 –  I TELL people “NO” if they try to touch me or hurt me. It’s OK
for me to stand up for myself.

4 – I TELL my trusted adult if anything makes me feel sad, scared,
or confused.

Sometimes there are people who trick or hurt others.  No one has the right to do that to you.  So use these rules, and remember you are STRONG, are SMART, and have the right to be SAFE.


KidSmartz is a child safety program that educates families about preventing abduction and empowers kids in grades K-5 to practice safer behaviors.  This program offers resources to help parents, caregivers, and teachers protect kids by teaching and practicing the 4 Rules of Personal Safety using tips, printable activities, quizzes, articles, music, videos, and more.

1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

CO Father Charged With Abuse Of Blind Autistic Son

.jpg photo of Father accused of Child Abuse
David Lawrence Hall, 52

Malnourished Longmont teen’s dad charged with child abuse, neglect

Denver, CO  –  A Longmont father faces charges following the hospitalization of his malnourished 17-year-old blind and autistic son, who was considered by doctors last week to be in a condition similar to a concentration camp survivor.

David Lawrence Hall, 52, appeared free on $50,000 bond Friday at the Boulder County Jail to be formally charged with one count of child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury and one count of negligent serious bodily injury to an at-risk person.  Both are felonies.

He sat beside his wife, Vanessa, also, 52, who is expected to make her first formal court appearance Sept. 20, according to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.

A preliminary hearing — when the court will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial — was set for Oct. 27.

The couple said they had no comment about their son’s condition and directed questions to their attorney as they left the jail courtroom Friday afternoon.

According to court records, the teen — who apparently subsisted on a diet of soda and cracker snacks, and used a bedside jug for his bathroom — was suffering from severe malnutrition and kidney failure when he was taken to Longmont United Hospital on Aug. 30 and later transferred to an Aurora hospital.

Two More Arrested for Abuse of GA Child

.jpg photo of woman arrested for Child Abuse
Alice Herrington, 41

More arrests in Bacon County
Child Abuse case

August 26, 2016
BACON COUNTY, GA  –  The day after arresting the mother, Alma Police arrested two more people for the severe abuse of a 21-month-old girl.

Alma Police say 41-year-old Alice Herrington

of Alma is facing one count of party to a crime for failing to notify law enforcement.

A 16-year-old male is facing battery, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children charges.  He’s being held in the juvenile detention center in Waycross.

Police are also asking one of the mother’s charges of Battery to be upgraded to Aggravated Battery.

Read more about the original arrest of the mother, Sarah Staten, here.

Police say more charges could be filed once a thorough evaluation of Staten’s two other children is performed.