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There is something BAD wrong when any Child fears their Parents.

Building a Good Family

There are basic qualities and values needed to have and maintain a good family.

These qualities and values are:

  • Love
  • Honor, always truth and loyalty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Kindness
  • Communication
  • Consideration
  • Duty
  • Responsibility
The Future of this world

Children are the future of this world.  As a good parent it is your responsibility to teach your children from birth, the above qualities and values, as these are handed down from generation-to-generation, and prepares them to be good family members, good friends, good neighbors, good employees, good leaders, and good citizens.

Good caring parents teach by example, always remembering that genuine praise, guidance, and understanding are the mark of a good parent.  As your child grows, regular family quality time strengthens trust and mutual respect, forging a stronger family bond, where communication grows easier, and good memories are more easily made.

Maintaining A Good Family

The five “L’s” of a good, strong, family:

1 – Love is at the heart of the family.  All humans have the need to love and to be loved; the family is normally the place where love is expressed.  Love is the close personal blending of physical and mental togetherness.  It includes privacy, intimacy, sharing, belonging, and caring.  The atmosphere of real love is one of honesty, understanding, patience, and forgiveness.  Such love does not happen automatically; it requires constant daily effort by each family member.  Loving families share activities and express a great deal of gratitude for one another.  Love takes time, affection, and a positive attitude.

2 – Learning – Families are where we learn values, skills, and behavior.  Strong families manage and control their learning experiences.  They establish a pattern of home life. They select appropriate television programs.  They guide their children into the world outside the home.  They do not let social forces rule their family life.  They involve themselves in neighborhood, school, government, church, and business in ways that support their family values.  Strong families teach by example and learn through experience as they explain and execute their values.

3 – Loyalty – Strong families have a sense of loyalty and devotion toward family members. The family sticks together.  They stand by each other during times of trouble.  They stand up for each other when attacked by someone outside the family.  Loyalty builds through sickness and health, want and good fortune, failure and success, and all the things the family faces.  The family is a place of shelter for individual family members.  In times of personal success or defeat, the family becomes a cheering section or a mourning bench. They also learn a sense of give and take in the family, which helps prepare them for the necessary negotiations in other relationships.

4 – Laughter is good family medicine.  Humor is an escape valve for family tension. Through laughter we learn to see ourselves honestly and objectively.  Building a strong family is serious business, but if taken too seriously, family life can become very tense. Laughter balances our efforts and gives us a realistic view of things.  To be helpful, family laughter must be positive in nature.  Laughing together builds up a family.  Laughing at each other divides a family.  Families that learn to use laughter in a positive way can release tensions, gain a clearer view, and bond relationships.

5 – Leadership is essential.  Family members, usually the adults, must assume responsibility for leading the family.  If no one accepts this vital role, the family will weaken.  Each family needs its own special set of rules and guidelines.  These rules are based on the family members’ greatest understanding of one another.  The guidelines pass along from the adults to the children by example, with firmness and fairness.  Strong families can work together to establish their way of life, allowing children to have a voice in decision making and enforcing rules.  However, in the initial stages and in times of crisis, adult family members must get the family to work together.


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Operation Maverick was a Joint Operation in Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma City police part of joint operation leading to more than 130 arrests

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  –  Law enforcement arrested more than 130 people as part of an 11-day operation in Oklahoma City.

The operation was organized by Operations North (Hefner and Springlake Crime Units), Operations South (Santa Fe and Southwest Crime Units), Special Operations, the United States Marshals Service, and the ATF.

The purpose of Operation Maverick was to have police work together to make the city safer and impact the violent crime rate by arresting the most violent gang members and criminal offenders victimizing the community.  Operation Maverick focused on fugitive investigations related to violent crime and proactive efforts in areas identified by the crime units.

Warrant arrests included charges such as Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Shooting with Intent to Kill, Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling, Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Strangulation, Domestic Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Drive-By Shooting, Forcible Sodomy, Lewd Acts with a Child, Child Neglect, Burglary 1, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated DUI, and Aggravated Attempted Eluding.

Proactive efforts led to arrests for charges that include Possession of a Firearm After a Former Conviction of a Felony, Trafficking Cocaine, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of CDS with Intent, Possession of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, and Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated. Members of several gangs were arrested as part of this operation as well.

During Operation Maverick, there were 134 arrests total, including 102 felony arrests and 32 misdemeanor arrests.

Items seized during the operation include:

  • 47 firearms
  • 3 stolen vehicles
  • 1049 grams of marijuana
  • 67 grams of cocaine
  • 19 grams of meth
  • 23 Ecstasy pills
  • 53 Lortab pills
  • 8 Xanax pills
  • $5,792.00 drug proceeds


.jpg photo of Texas Attorney General LogoAttorney General Paxton’s Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit Locates Woman who has Been Missing for Over 40 years, Shortly After Creating the Unit

AUSTIN, TX  –  In 1981, two deceased individuals, who were the apparent victims of a homicide, were discovered in a wooded area in Houston, Texas, and their identities could not be determined at that time.  In 2021, Identifinders International, through the use of genetic genealogy, was able to positively identify the bodies that were found in 1981 as Florida couple Tina Gail Linn Clouse and Harold Dean Clouse Jr.  The couple had an infant daughter named Holly who was not found with the remains of the Clouses.

The Linn and Clouse families have been searching for answers concerning the welfare of the Clouses and their daughter, Holly, since they were last heard from in 1980.  Last year, when the families learned that the two bodies found in Houston in 1981 were, in fact, Tina and Dean Clouse, the families began looking for answers as to what happened to Baby Holly and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the Clouses.

Baby Holly has been located alive and well and is now 42 years of age.  Holly has been notified of the identities of her biological parents and has been in contact with her extended biological family and they hope to meet in person soon.

I am extremely proud of the exceptional work done by my office’s newly formed Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit.  My office diligently worked across state lines to uncover the mystery surrounding Holly’s disappearance.  We were successful in our efforts to locate her and reunite her with her biological family.”  Attorney General Paxton said.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Texas Attorney General’s Office Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit, the Lewisville Police Department, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This investigation highlights the hard work and collaboration of multiple law enforcement divisions across the country and demonstrates the importance of working cold case and missing persons investigations.

“At the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, we know that with advancements in technology and the hard work and dedication of law enforcement, we can get answers, even after four decades,” said John Bischoff, vice president of the Missing Children Division at NCMEC.  “We are thrilled that Holly will now have the chance to connect with her biological family who has been searching for her for so long. We hope that this is source of encouragement for other families who have missing loved ones and reminds us all to never give up.  NCMEC applauds the collaborative effort of the Texas Attorney General’s Office Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit, the Lewisville Police Department and all the assisting agencies who came together to make today’s news possible.”

“Finding Holly is a birthday present from heaven since we found her on Junior’s birthday.  I prayed for more than 40 years for answers and the Lord has revealed some of it… we have found Holly.”

“Thank you to all of the investigators for working so hard to find Holly.  I prayed for them day after day and that they would find Holly and she would be alright.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mindy Montford.  We will be forever grateful,” said Donna Casasanta (Holly’s grandmother).

“It was so exciting to see Holly.  I was so happy to meet her for the first time.  It is such a blessing to be reassured that she is alright and has had a good life.  The whole family slept well last night.  The Hope for Holly Project was a success thanks to Mindy and her team,” said Cheryl Clouse (Holly’s aunt).

“After finally being able to reunite with Holly, I dreamed about her and my sister, Tina last night.  In my dream, Tina was laying on the floor rolling around and laughing and playing with Holly like I saw them do many times before when they lived with me prior to moving to Texas.  I believe Tina’s finally resting in peace knowing Holly is reuniting with her family. I personally am so relieved to know Holly is alive and well and was well cared for, but also torn up by it all. That baby was her life,” said Sherry Linn Green (Holly’s aunt).

“The very first thing that ran through my head when we heard Holly was found was the call that I got eight months ago from Allison about my sister’s death.  The juxtaposition of that call with Holly’s sudden discovery just popped into my head.  To go from hoping to find her to suddenly meeting her less than 8 months later – how miraculous is that?  All of the detectives involved ..They all expressed such fortitude to get to the bottom of this case..  They have the Linn family’s complete support,” said Les Linn (Holly’s uncle).

The investigation into the murders of Holly’s biological parents, Tina and Dean Clouse, is ongoing and, if anyone has information about their deaths, please contact the Texas Attorney General’s Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit at .

TX AG FAU Rounds Up Violent Felon Parole Violators

.jpg photo of Texas Attorney General LogoPaxton’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit Arrests 18 Violent Parole Violators in Operation

AUSTIN, TX  –  Last week, Office of the Attorney General Arlington and Austin Fugitive Unit Personnel conducted an operation that focused on apprehending and arresting parole violators with violent felony convictions, violent criminal history and gang affiliations.  The teams focused on parole violators in the Amarillo area, which consisted of both Potter and Randall counties.  During the week, 18 suspects were arrested.

The suspects were currently on parole for offenses such as Murder, Assault, Robbery, Possession of Firearm by a Felon, Assault Family Violence, Drugs and various other felonies, including violent criminal histories.  The Amarillo Police Department assisted with providing intel leading to some of the arrests.  The following suspects were arrested during the operation:

  • Ruben James Solis, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Burglary of Habitation Felony 2nd Degree in 2018 violated the conditions of his parole by being arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by Felon.
  • Jeremy Juan Mendoza, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled with Intent Bodily Injury Felony 3rd Degree in 2017.
  • Tiundrae Delmar Nelson, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 4-200 Grams in 2006 with a history of aggravated assault.
  • Michael Wayne Cooper, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 1-4 Grams in 2018 with a history of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Chad Edwin Hooser, Amarillo, Parole Violations for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 1-4 Grams and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon in 2017.
  • Antonio Ford Arreola, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1 4-200 Grams and Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance PG 1 4-200 Grams in 2013 with a criminal history of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.
  • Alan Dale Howard, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Burglary of Habitation in 1994 with a history of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.
  • Patricio Garza Guzman, Amarillo, Parole Violation for two counts of Burglary of Habitation in 2009 with a history of Possession of Firearms by a Felon.
  • Kevin Don Groom, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Murder in 1993.
  • Andrew Walter Pettis Jr, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Robbery Felony 2nd Degree in 2015.
  • Justin Guzman, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact and Attempted Indecency with a Child in 2015.
  • Mark Edward Fox, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Theft of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon in 2017.
  • John Jennings, Amarillo, Parole Violation for two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in 2002.
  • Richard Earl Ewing, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in 2014.
  • Joseph Johnny Sustaita, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Unlawful Possession of Firearm by a Felon in 2016.
  • David Ray Nivens, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Assault Breath Impediment Family/Household Member with Two Prior Convictions in 2018.
  • Ricardo Fernandez, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Burglary of a Habitation in 2016 with a criminal history of Robbery.
  • Angela Lynn Ramirez, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled in 2016.
  • Steven Lee Thompson, Amarillo, Parole Violation for Aggravated Robbery in 2012. 

TX AG FAU Takes Down Child Predator Fugitives, Violent Fugitive For Murder

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TX AG Fugitive Apprehension Unit Roundsup 2 Child Predators and a Fugitive on TX DPS Top 10 Most Wanted.

AG Paxton’s Law Enforce­ment Round Up

The Fugitive Apprehension Unit made several noteworthy arrests last week.

In Harris County, Leonard Dee Taylor was arrested in Houston on July 23 for failing to comply with his mandated sex offender registration requirements, and a corresponding warrant for Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registration Requirements issued in 2018 out of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.  Taylor was added to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Top 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender List in May of 2019.  In 2003, Taylor was convicted of two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child in Bowie County and was sentenced to twenty years in prison.  This arrest was made while working in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service, Gulf Coast Violent Offender and Fugitive Task Force, and assisted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In Smith County, Dakevian Benoit Scroggins was arrested in Tyler on July 24 on outstanding warrants for Capitol Murder issued by the Tyler Police Department and Evading Arrest issued by the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office.  Scroggins was added to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Top 10 Most Wanted in July of 2021.  In 2014, Scroggins was convicted of Prohibited Weapon in Smith County and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.  This arrest was made while working in conjunction with the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force, along with the Tyler Police Department and the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

In Wharton County, Francisco Avalos was arrested in Louise on three outstanding warrants for Sexual Assault of a Child, Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography and Online Solicitation of a Minor issued by the Victoria County 377th District Court.  This arrest was made while working in conjunction with the United States Marshals Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force out of Victoria.