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MD Woman Arrested For Abuse Of Toddler

.jpg photo of Mother arrested for Child Abuse
Rocla Aceneth Tovar Calderon, 40

Prince Frederick Woman Arrested for
Child Abuse

Prince Frederick, MD  –  On August 10, 2017, police responded to a trailer on Hallowing Point Rd, in Prince Frederick, for a report of child abuse.

Detective Jernigam from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and a Child Protective Services Worker from the county responded to the trailer after they received complaints that a 3-year-old boy had visible marks on his body.  The complaints came from the child’s teachers at the Head Start program.

The child had marks on his chest, back, and legs that appeared to have been made by a thin cord of some type.  The child’s speech and language is delayed, and he was only able to indicate his mom was mad.

Police made contact with the child’s mother, identified as Rocla Aceneth Tovar Calderon, 40, of Prince Frederick.

The Child Protective Services Worker explained they needed to speak with Calderon about the marks on he son’s arms, and Calderon stated that she hit him because she was angry because he “do a lot of things” and she “need to teach him”.  Calderon went on to say that she tries not to hit him because “he’s white and it leaves marks”, which she knows is a problem, and that sometimes she has to hit him so he will learn.

Calderon explained that she is having issues with potty training, destructive behavior, and that the only way she can keep him occupied is with a tablet.

Calderon was asked what she hit the child with, and she said it was a cord to a tablet because he chewed it and it broke.  The previous night, 8/9/2017, Calderon admitted to hitting him between 5-7 times but she was not exactly sure because she was so angry with him.  Calderon then explained that she usually uses a shoe to hit him, but she had the cord in her hand, which is why she used it.  Calderon said that it hurts her hand to spank him with her hand and gives her blood clots, so she uses a shoe.

The Child Protective Services Worker explained that she could not hit the child with cords and leave marks.  Calderon repeatedly indicated that she cannot control his behavior, citing examples of him urinating in a basket full of clean laundry, and on the blankets on her bed.  While speaking with Calderon, the child grabbed an empty water bottle, urinated inside it, and placed it on the floor near the front door.  Calderon made no attempts to stop this behavior, and rather indicated that it was another example of not being able to control him “because he’s 3”.

Police described the residence as “extremely unkempt, with old food on the floor, tables, chairs, and counters. Insects were visible flying around the residence, crawling on the counters and floors.  Ms. Calderon apologized for the mess and stated that it is Thursday which is her day to clean.”

The Child Protective Services Worker prepared a safety plan for Calderon, which was signed by both parties, indicating that she was not allowed to hit the child with any objects.  The plan also indicated that in-home services would be provided by CPS to assist Calderon with the child’s behavior and with cleaning her home so that it is sanitary.

Rocla Aceneth Tovar Calderon, was arrested and charged with assault, and child abuse, she posted a $10,000 bail and was released. Calderon has a preliminary court date on September 22, 2017, in Calvert District Court.

DE Couple Fail To Get Toddler Medical Attention

.jpg photo of Man accused of Felony Child Abuse
Tyrone Brown, 24

Spilled milk leads to felony
Child Abuse charges

Delaware  –  Two Ogletown residents have been indicted on felony child abuse charges for allegedly sleeping through the night, renting a car and eating at McDonald’s while a child in their care suffered from “severe” burns — this despite living within walking distance of a hospital, according to court records.

.jpg photo of Woman accused of Felony Child Abuse
Devyn Hutchinson, 21

A Superior Court Grand Jury on Monday indicted Tyrone Brown, 24, and Devyn Hutchinson, 21, on felony child abuse charges for failing to provide the child with medical attention.

Hutchinson’s child, who is younger than 3, was treated for burns to his lower legs, posterior, thighs and feet at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington in May, according to court documents.

A doctor at the hospital determined that the burns were caused by the child being “immersed in hot liquid,” according to a probable cause affidavit for Hutchinson’s arrest.

Brown, who is Hutchinson’s boyfriend, told police he was boiling milk on the stove while the child played at his feet.  He turned away to reach for sugar and accidentally knocked the pan of milk over, spilling the boiling liquid onto the counter and child.

Brown told police he wasn’t paying attention when he knocked the pan over, according to the probable cause affidavit.  At the time, he noticed two small blisters on the child’s feet, according to court documents.

Hutchinson returned home from work later.  She told police the child woke up crying around 3 a.m. and she tried to put medicine on his burn but the child would not let her touch his foot, according to court records.

And so, Hutchinson and Brown slept until 9 a.m. the next morning before Brown’s mother took them to get a rental car.  After renting the vehicle, Hutchinson, Brown and the child ate at McDonald’s before driving to the hospital in Wilmington.

Hutchinson and Brown share an apartment less than a mile from Christiana Hospital, the affidavit notes.

Staff at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital contacted police over fears that the burns were not accidental.  Ultimately, the child was transferred to Crozer-Chester Medical Center due to the severity of the burns, according to court records.

Hutchinson faces one charge of second-degree child abuse for failing to provide medical care for the child.  Brown faces the same as well as a first-degree child abuse charge for “recklessly or intentionally” harming the child through “abuse or neglect.”

A trial date has not been set.

Children Subjected To Torture

.jpg photo of man that tortured Children
Joseph Myhre, 44

Montco Man Accused Of Child Abuse
Involving Pliers, Needles, Dog Shock Collar Facing Charges

LOWER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP, PA  –  A Montgomery County man is facing a long list of charges on allegations he beat and abused his children for years.

According to charging documents, 44-year-old Joseph Myhre, of Greensway Circle in Lower Providence Township, home schooled his two children.

In the documents, police said his 11-year-old daughter told them going back to when she was 4-or-5 years old, her father would hit her on the head with sticks or PVC pipes.  He would strangle her and beat her head on the ground until she entered into a “dream state.”

The girl said her father would squeeze her fingers with pliers, stick needles in her fingers and toes, and use a dog shock collar that she said would leave burn marks.

The 13-year-old son told investigators that Myhre would kick him the stomach, or hit him on his feet with a stick that would cause him to bleed.  According to the documents, the boy also told police Myhre would put the dog shock collar on the back of his leg or on his stomach, then walk around the room acting normal while the boy was being shocked and yelling in pain.

According to charging documents, the children had wooden boxes for beds with a small opening and vents to let in air.

Investigators said an audio recording was found on a phone.  The recording lasts 53 minutes.  In it, the affidavit says a male voice can be heard calmly talking while children are screaming in pain.  The male voice is quoted saying things like, “He doesn’t care, he didn’t give me a hug for 10 minutes,” and “You can blame your mom for this.”

The affidavit also says there were white boards in the living room of the home with messages described as “threatening and manipulative in nature.”

The child abuse allegations came to light after Myhre’s wife was hospitalized with a broken skull.  While investigating that case, police interviewed the children.

Investigators say when Myhre was questioned by police, he gave a written statement saying he grabbed his children by the neck and arms, and hit the children with sticks.  The documents say he told police the children never cried or told him they were in pain.

According to the affidavit, Myhre said he put vice grips on his daughter’s fingers but only “playing around” to feel what it felt like to grip our fingers.

In addition to previous charges based on the allegations from his wife, Myhre is now facing twelve-counts of aggravated assault of a child less than 13, four-counts of unlawful restraint of a child, two counts of endangering welfare of children, and numerous misdemeanors.

He’s in the county prison on 1-million dollars bail.

Boy Stabs Self To Get Help

.jpg photo of location of Child Physical Abuse
20 years for both, with a good beating every day….

KCMO parents charged in horrific
Child Abuse case

KANSAS CITY, MO  –  A boy is safe after what law enforcement are calling a horrific case of child abuse.

According to court records, it’s at a house on 42nd and Paseo where Jackson County prosecutors say the parents of the now 12-year-old boy carried out the alleged abuse.

Police first learned about it last September when the boy stabbed himself in the hand and called 911 because he was upset about getting in trouble.

“I think it’s also tragic for our community to know that there are adults right here as our neighbors that are suffering themselves that are responding to their own issues by hurting someone else,” Ann Thomas, president of The Children’s Place, said.

The boy told investigators he moved to the house on Paseo last spring with his mother, Royce Jackson, stepfather, Timothy Arnold, and his younger sister.

Officers say they saw bruises on the boy’s right leg.

In court documents the boy told police in one instance of the alleged abuse he got tied up by his stepfather to a garage door and he got hit with a PVC pipe 50 to 60 times.

The boy and his sister are now in foster care.

Their mother filed a complaint with the state citing there wasn’t sufficient evidence to remove them from her home.

But now Jackson and Arnold face criminal charges.

The Children’s Place is a center that works with young children to heal them after abuse has taken place.

“It’s very hard for children to say this is what’s happened to me it is incredibly hard, nobody wants their parents to be punished but they want the abuse to stop,” Thomas said.

She adds children are resilient.

“Is it easy?  No.  The trauma doesn’t have to define us but this is definitely not a way we would’ve ask any person to grow out what that person needs a lot of help because suddenly the relationships they trusted have been violated,” Thomas said.

No court date has been set yet for Jackson or Arnold’s first appearance.

Father Accused Of Allowing Abuse

Stepmother accused of burning, cutting
4-year-old boy

QUARRYVILLE, PA  –  A Lancaster County woman is accused of physically abusing her 4-year-old stepson, causing lacerations, multiple burns and bruising over his entire body, while the boy’s father let it happen.

Danielle Duke, AKA Danielle Miller, and the boy’s father, Nathan Duke, were the sole caregivers at a home at 783 Lancaster Pike in Quarryville, according to investigators.  Both face multiple charges.

State police started investigating after a concerned person alerted them.  According to court documents filed today, that person told police “on numerous occasions, spanning approximately three months, she observed Danielle Duke on a daily basis cause (the child) to suffer her verbal, physical, and psychological abuse and Nathan Duke’s failure to stop said abuse.”

**** WARNING!!!! Graphic Content!!!

According to the document, the following abuse was witnessed (please note some of the following content is graphic):

  • Child’s legs were wrapped in a sheet, then duct tape was applied to the child’s legs, confining him for hours.
  • Child was force-fed “poop beans,” which contained adult laxatives.
  • Hot sauce was poured into the child’s mouth.
  • Child was forced to sit on the toilet and defecate on command or stay on the toilet for two to three hours until he was able to defecate.
  • If the child soiled his pull-ups, he was forced to wear them for hours.
  • The child was locked in a third-floor closet that was lined with gym mats and barricaded outside with a mattress and dresser. The child was locked inside for hours and sometimes scratched the walls saying that the rats would come and get him.
  • The child was sometimes taken to the fishing creek but made to stay in the car with a bandana tied around his eyes while other children played.
  • The child was yelled at and, among other things, told he had a “stupid … ugly face” and that he was a pig.

Nathan Duke told a state police trooper that he did not seek any medical care for his son because he knew the injuries looked like they were the result of child abuse.

Nathan Duke faces charges of criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children.

Danielle Duke faces charges of false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, endangering the welfare of children, terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person and harassment.