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About My Brother’s Keeper

We want My Brother’s Keeper to reflect not only what we want and expect out of life, but also Our beliefs and the value we place upon Love, Honor, Respect, and Duty to Family, Friends, Neighbors, Community, and Our Country.  But that also includes Religious Freedom to worship as we choose, as guaranteed by Our Bill of Rights. and accepting Responsibility for a person’s own actions.

We refuse to take a passive role like a major percentage of the people in this country, We Are Winners, and WINNERS DON’T “TRY” TO DO ANYTHING, WE DO IT!!!!

As for now, I am going to publish this page, then open this Blog for business….

SO, without further ado. NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! is proud to say Welcome to My Brother’s Keeper.

9 thoughts on “About My Brother’s Keeper”

    1. Ms. Lynette Ewell-Pattrerson,
      I want to say THANK YOU!!!! for your caring, kind words.
      Ms. Ewell-Patterson, I am Robert StrongBow, Co-Founder and Webmaster of NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! https://notinmyworld.org, and Our Blog, My Brother’s Keeper, https://notinmyworld.com.
      Ms. Ewell-Patterson, Robert StrongBow is my Native American name, and pen name, but this is not my legal name.
      My Brother Frank and I are extremely Honored, yet very Humbled, and consider this a very Large Blessing as we consider you a very Large Blessing from Our Loving, Mighty GOD.
      Ms. Ewell-Patterson, I have just gotten off the phone with my Little Brother, and I didn’t ask Frank what you wished…. I read him your words and he was as touched as I.
      Yes Ma’am, you may use what you wish, if the subject-matter is favorable to this name. If you wouldn’t be offended, would I be over-stepping my bounds asking an Author for this information?
      Ms. Lynette Ewell-Patterson, please don’t be offended, I had just thought of this point, as all I could think of was asking if I could reserve one of the first copies which you sign, I intended on paying for this in advance.
      Ms. Ewell-Patterson, my Brother and I totally fund Our two Domains, so as I was going to give you my legal name and sign a release if you need, so if you aren’t upset with me, email me at RStrongBow@notinmyworld.org
      Thank You again,
      Robert StrongBow

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      1. Good day my brother’s keepers. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you for ever in all things!

        Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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  1. “We refuse to take a passive role like a major percentage of the people in this country.” That is the root of all evils. Not the evil actors, the indifferent mass, the willfully blind and ignorant. I wish you luck. I hope you ring the bell so loudly no one can excuse themselves from the moral duty to protect.

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    1. SurvivorX, I deeply appreciate your kind, words of wisdom. (Do you hear Green Day????)
      Yes I did say KIND words, because I wouldn’t classify the indifferent as the mass…. I used to believe that, but I see quiet well now, and of course the indifferent mass will label me as judgemental now, but a large percentage of the indifference is a disguise, an illusion.
      I was remembering something, I saw a video several days back, that was your page wasn’t it????
      GOD Bless You,

      PS- Please don’t be a stranger, you are one of Our Circle now!!!!

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