CA Couple Charged In Death Of 5-Year-Old

Couple Accused Of Child Abuse, Torture In
Death Of 5-Year-Old Boy

ORANGEVALE, CA  –  A mom and her boyfriend are behind bars after the death of her five-year-old boy.

Investigators say the couple face child abuse and torture charges in an incident they first reported as a drowning.

When fire crews arrive on scene, the 5-year-old was unresponsive.

Officers say the boy’s mom, 32-year-old Jessica Diane Prayter and her boyfriend 39-year-old Adam Jay Caldwell were with the child when paramedics showed up.

Ron Cochran’s son lives across the street from the couple and saw firefighters working feverishly to save the boy.

“He saw saw the paramedic on top of the gurney, on top of the child trying to resuscitate him as they were loading him into the ambulance,” he said.

The child was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The sheriff’s department says the injuries were inconsistent with drowning, and within hours, the couple was locked up, accused of child abuse, conspiracy and torture.

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      When I found that article, there were 2 articles, one early and the one I posted which was updated like at 2:30pm.
      Nena, if you recall, the Fireman/Hospital reported that injuries sustained were inconsistant with drowning.

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